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The Return of the Laundry Monster

I walked into the laundry room and was struck by the mountain that was before my very eyes.  I exclaimed,

“Dear God! Why?”

He did not answer as my leg was trapped in the pile of dirty clothes. The smelly socks pulled me down, the coffee stained shirt attempted to smother me, and the grass stained jeans wrapped itself around my hands.

There was no escape! The Monster had  returned to terrorize my laundry room. It grew as I felt like I was sinking into the depths of Mount Kilimanjaro. Just when I thought I had tamed the smelly beast! It had Returned to torture me once more on my leisurely Sunday afternoon!

I wondered what did I do to deserve this? I went through my list of bad things I did this week and the worse of my crimes was the middle finger to the old man who cut me off in traffic. It was just too much! I turned on the washing machine, tackled the pile with my shovel, my arms grew weary, but at last I was making a dent into the untamed beast.

A small enough dent that it was safe to shut the door! Only to discover an hour later as I peeked around the corner that it had grown again and the monster had returned to its previous hazardous self!

Has the laundry monster invaded your home? How do you deal with its return?

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  1. Not any longer. Divorced, and with children grown, those days are behind me… but I well recall the ten loads a week, the depositing of cleaned clothes in eldest daughter’s room, the pile growing like a statue topped roundabout in the middle of her bedroom floor. I may have cleaned it, but she had to put it away.

    Now… one or two loads suit me just fine.

  2. Oh yes, the laundry monster invaded my home… and her name is my sister-in-law. After a day of doing laundry, she called because her machines broke. So, she needed to come over to our house to do her laundry. She had to meet someone in the area for work, so her husband put up the laundry (read I helped him put up the laundry) and then as she had her meeting, I checked it, and put it in the dryer…. She did two loads here, and left one in the dryer because they ran out of time. So, I tended to that too… Oh, and the linens from my mom’s stay are clean, but I just haven’t brought myself to make the bed!

  3. YES! Yes, we have a laundry monster. That explains everything! I have six kids in my house all day and we severely limit our use of disposable goods, so I have six kids’ worth of towels, bedding, facecloths, and napkins, plus my own family’s clothes, bedding, etc, etc, etc, etc. It doesn’t end.
    I find that if I get five baskets of laundry through the washer and dryer, then I can sit and fold it while watching Big Bang Theory or whatever off the DVR. It stretches the laundry out over two days, and our t-shirts do get a little wrinkly, but it keeps me sane!

  4. Right now I’m able to keep the monster in check based on the facts that (a) I am in total control of my son’s wardrobe and (b) Ba.D. likes doing his own laundry. I only have to do a load a week at this point, but I’m bright enough to know I ought not expect that eternally!

  5. I cry in a corner in the fetal position for about an hour or so…. gulp down a shot of something hard and strong…. and then I return back to the corner sobbing… its a vicious cycle.

  6. We made a rule not too long after the start of cohabitation that we would NEVER do the other’s laundry (except in case of illness). This has saved many fights as I let mine pile up until the all of my acceptable clothes are dirty, and sweetie has a schedule on her former army days (or growing up in New England) can account for.

  7. Oh the horrors of the laundry room….the socks have eyes! I think that pile just moved! or it could be the dog I haven’t seen in a week?

    Those dirty promiscuous heaps of unattended laundry prolificating while normal people attempt to relax. I think it multiplies like an old sci-fi reincarnation of the blob!

    run, run away before it’s too late!

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