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The Return to School

The breeze was cool as  I walked my two little men to school.  I was in disbelief that the summer was over and they were growing up before my very eyes. My oldest was going in grade four he ran ahead with excitement while my youngest entering grade two had straggled behind with trepidation. I balanced my stride in the middle between two the two attempting to look back and forward at the same time.

I admired how tall they grown and how independent they had become over the summer. It was this morning my oldest helped cook the eggs and my youngest tied his sneakers with pride.

It was when we arrived at school my oldest looked at me, “Mom do you have to go with me? I know where I am going?”

“But don’t you want me to meet your teacher?”

“You have met her already.”

“It’s fine. We will just  walk you to your class.”

“Please don’t Mom! Please! I ‘m a big man now. I can find it myself.”

I saw the dread in his eyes, the fear I would walk him to class, and I knew my son was on the verge of becoming a tween. It was with that I let him run to his friends and find his way to his own class. I sighed it seemed too soon that he was growing up before my very eyes.My heart melted as he went on his way and it took all of my power not to hug him in public.

I then walked my youngest to his class. It was there I walked him into the classroom, helped him find his desk, and then assisted in unpacking his school supplies.  I hovered over him until the teacher arrived and introduced herself to us. I gave him a smile as tear a welled up  in my eye and wondered would he need me next year to help with finding his class and unpacking his school supplies.

I cherish the time with my sons. They are  only young  once and one day neither of them will need me at all. It’s best to be there for them now before they grow to old and no longer want to be seen with their Mom.

Do you think parents tend to coddle the youngest more? Or is that an unfair assumption?

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  1. Oh they will always need you! There may be times when they think they’re beyond all of that – but they will be back with you before you know it! Even when they decide it’s time to make their own way to class – they know it’s always time to have their mum make their lunch, listen when they’ve been praised, encourage when they’re disappointed. You just have to take the good of it when they are still willing to show they need you!!

  2. They will always need you, maybe not by necessity, but even better, because they want to. There is a period of time where they will feel the need to pretend this isn’t true, more to convince others than to truly disconnect from you. After that rite of passage, the pretence is dropped, perhaps in bits, but it gets dropped. Just wait for that college day when the whispered call asks mom to send additional funds, or how about that cake you make, can you send me one? That may not seem like an expression of need of you, but it is… it is you they trust. And with the cake, such a thing is a strong indication they feel the pull of a different time, a wish to touch a memory they cherish.

    The clues may be spaced, but you know what goes in the spaces in between.

  3. You brought back so many wonderful memories! It amazes me that living with those memories and having the opportunity to know my kids as independent adults – I can still see some things that were indications they would make it through life just fine. Mothers can be truly blessed to participate in that birth and maturing ritual of life. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!

  4. Yes, I am not sure if I coddle my youngest more, but I do coddle him differently. With his sister, I was so concerned about her physical and intellectual development. I was so careful about baby-proofing my house, and ensuring she got the best possible food, the best possible learning resources, and so on and so on. But I cried with her more when she got hurt, I treated her like she was so much more fragile than she is. WIth my son, I am more relaxed about everything (thank GOD!), but it is so much more difficult to let him go. I was a little heartbroken about my baby girl’s first day of kindergarten, today. When it’s my son’s turn? Well, it’s probably a good thing that I won’t be working that morning!

    1. Do you think we raise our girls to be more independent with things like school? And we mother our boys a little differently? I find I’m very relaxed with them climbing, wrestling, or anything active within reason. But when it comes to things in which allows them to grow. I wonder if I coddle just a little bit more..

      PS It looks like your little girls is off to a great start! I hope she has a great school year!

      1. I do mother them differently, but I’m not sure if it’s a gender issue or a first-child/second-child thing. I was so afraid of doing it wrong, when my daughter was an infant, and physically experienced each and every one of her bonks and ouches. My son taught me that there are probably far fewer ways to do it wrong than there are to do it right. And he falls all. the. time. So, I’m more relaxed and more willing to just enjoy this perfect time in their lives. And, consequently, I think I’m a lot less willing to let this time go.

        Thank you for your kind words about my girl’s big First Day! She ROCKED it!

      2. It’s tough to let this time go! They are at that age were they are a lot of fun 🙂 I found with my first born I was petrified of doing everything wrong, I had to consult books and forums. It was by the time my second born arrived I was a little more laid back…And with that I see a difference in the personalities were the oldest is more cautious towards activities that involve scraping your knee where as my littlest you will find climbing to the top of the tree…

  5. I hadn’t thought if I coddle my youngest more…but I think we do. We expect so much of our oldest and I think we assume the youngest doesn’t have it in her. But then, she has learned and picked up on stuff faster than the first one.

  6. Aww that was really sweet to read about, I hope your boys are enjoying being back with their friends at school! I’m sure they aren’t too thrilled about getting back into the homework routine again, but who would be? Hope they have a great time, and they like their teachers!

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