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A Love of Puff Sleeves and Poetry

As a young girl there was one annual event on CBC that I looked forward to every year and it was Anne of Green Gables. I was swept up the Anne with her love of puff sleeves, the arduous Gilbert Blythe, and her one true bosom buddy Diane. I  laughed when Anne died her hair green, when she got Diane got drunk on cordial, and would sob when Matthew died.

As a I child  I could relate to Anne and was excited that she was only a ferry ride away! She grew-up in a small town just like me and she still dared to dream! It was her dreams, passions, and love of good books that made me want to be Anne Shirley. Afterall, we did seem to have away to finding trouble and falling off things…

The one thing Anne introduced  me to was her love of poetry.  My favorite scene is Anne floating down the river on her sinking boat as she quotes The Lady of Shallot. I wanted to memorize, understand, and love its meaning just as much as Anne. Her melodrama and deep passion for poetry made me love my own books so much more!

She is the one character that stays with me in my heart reminding me to keep my own passions alive. As a young girl when the days where rough and  female role models were  far from near. I could depend on Ann spelt with an E who was always longing for a dress with puff sleeves.

So as the NaBloPoMo month of fiction comes to an end – Is there fictional character from your childhood that stays close to your heart?

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  1. *cough* Lois Lane *cough* Seriously, the stuff I read then didn’t really lend itself to forming a lifetime connection. I found connection with television characters and comic book characters, not so much with novels.

  2. I also loved Anne Shirley, and read the books over and over until they actually fell apart. But of the characters from childhood books that stayed with me the most, it was actually Nurse Matilda (Nanny McPhee). I pored over those books, writing out the names of the children to try to figure out how many they had, and laughed out loud at all the trouble they got into. The true irony is in my chosen profession, now that I think about it!

    1. Chuckles! I never read Nurse Matilda! How horrible am I? It must be something to pick-up and read with the kids. Your profession does keep you on your toes and I don’t know you do it! I suspect you have the patience of a saint 😉

  3. I loved the Anne of Green Gables books. Especially loved the mouse in the pudding episode and the green hair. I always wished that long romantic dresses would come back in style. I would love to live on an island somewhere so I could be near the ocean all the time and not just for visits. I read all the Nancy Drew, Donna Parker, and any other mystery book I could get my hands on until my teacher told me I needed to broaden my reading to something other than mysteries. I started reading biographies after that.

    1. Wouldn’t be wonderful if they would? I use to beg my mother for a dress with puff sleeves but there was no such luck!

      Nancy Drew is another great series! And so much fun to read! Is there one biography that you loved?

  4. Elizabeth Wakefield stays close to my heart, all these years later. I started writing because I wanted to be her, and that was one like-her thing that was in my control.

    It’s funny to think I never would’ve happened across her had my mom not forbidden me from reading all things Sweet Valley! Hee.

  5. Thats a lovely memory and reflection. My childhood hero from the world of books was a character called “Just William” Scruffy, and a source of bewilderment to his parents he had a heart of gold and a delicious rightous indignation which always made me laugh and smile

  6. The Anne of Green Gable series is one of my all time favorites. For years, I only knew of the first three books; the day I discovered the rest of them I was an adult, but it really didn’t matter. I have read all of them over and over and can’t wait for the day my daughter decides to try them out!


  7. Anne has been a HUGE part of my teen years! She was such an inspiration to me. I looked up to her a lot. But there is one other character; Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries books by Meg Cabot. I think she’s the modern Anne Shirley, what do you think?( If you have read the book)

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