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Father Time and Lady Luck

As father time passes us and presents us with opportunities do we reach for them? Or do we let them slip out of our hands? Many of us work hard, make plans for the future, and hope one day our dreams will  one day come true. It’s how we make those dreams come true is what I wonder is it with the help of lady luck, sweat and tears, or a combination of both based on the limits of time.

Father Time by Lina Basile

If Lady Luck and Father Time had were looking down at us oblivious individuals. I suspect they would have an interesting conversation about how we use the hands of time. It may sound like this:

“Hmmm. I  see Martha has another goal list. I wonder if she will make the most of her time instead of tweeting it away?”

Lady Luck looks at Father Time with an eye roll, ” Doesn’t she realize that she has to do something before I can grant her an opportunity. It’s not just going to fall in her lap!”

“Very True! I see in five years she is planning on moving to the Caribbean with Fabio.”

“Did she really write Fabio?”

“Umm! Well No. But you get my drift!”

They both chuckle looking down at poor Martha her list and wondering how she will achieve it if she doesn’t put in the effort or time…

It’s our dreams which inspire us  for a brighter future. How we plan our dreams is more systematic it is by sitting down, writing out a well-scripted plan, and giving each dream its own specific timeline. We do this either through goal-setting or financial planning. We tell ourselves we will move to that tropical island in ten years or retire in twenty with the home of our dreams.

And then we see people reach the attainable the tri-athletes who race across the finish line, the dreamers who reach the top of Everest, or even the small steps children make growing up as they enter another year of school.  We know if we work to these goals with sweat, patience, and time we will see the fruition of our hard work.

We have to make use of the gifts from Father Time gives us because no matter how much time there is in a day. We never seem to accomplish everything we started.  However, it’s up to us to create the time to work towards our goals which will then lead to living our dreams.

Have you written a timeline for your future dreams? Do you believe in lady luck and father time?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. True… some goals are more important than others, and push us a little harder on the do. We are creatures of many interests and responsibilities, trying to work all of these things such that we move in a desired direction. When it involves others, we are caught up in their wheels as well, and have to allow for that interaction.

    I received notice today from my primary care physician; she is leaving the practise, family reasons. That has to be a huge decision, though I understand why she made the choice. Best we can do is take care with the ones we love and pursue the dreams that most matter, not allowing little things to derail us. The bigger things, well… I probably look like Gumby from my tangle with them. 🙂

    1. We do need to count on the interaction and support of others to live our dreams. And we have do to dread with trepidation at times especially if it involves family. I think you are right we have to be open to interaction, be flexible with change, and sometimes put our needs second to others. Such as your family physician sometimes we need to take a step back when someone we love depends us for help.

      PS I don’t think you could ever look like Gumby! Your too stylish for that Ms. Tall Boots!

      1. Har…but the steamroller did a pretty good job of it overall. Meanwhile, we have to contend with this hurricane on Sunday. I knew I should have had an iPad… I could blog surf while the wind carries me off to points unknown, probably Newfoundland.

      2. I think you would enjoy Newfoundland good pubs, lots of live music, and you could always get screeched in!!! I’m also envisioning you surfing on an I-Pad with The Beach Boys playing in the background. Hurricanes and Earthquakes make for a lively week! I hope it comes in quietly and leaves without a sound…

      3. If only I still had my Newfie Landseer for company along the way… although it would probably have taken more windpower to lift him that is needed for me.

  2. As Peter Murphy once sang “Time has nothing to do with it”. i feel that i have from right now up until my very last breath to achieve my unwritten goals and dreams – unwritten due to the fact that most haven’t even “reared their heads” in my mind as of yet 🙂

      1. The ones that have made themselves known so far have been most delightful!

        Well, most of them at any rate. Thank YOU for a great post 🙂

  3. Great post! Life can simply pass us by if we do not monitor the way we spend our time and make a conscious effort to make the most of it. This post has really made me reflect on the way I set my goals and ensuring that should lady luck come my way, I am ready for the opportunity that is presented!

  4. I don’t know about Lady Luck and Father Time – but I do believe in paying attention when someone reminds me that if I expect to accomplish anything, I have to at least get started! Thanks.

  5. You know, I’m not a goal-setter by nature – no five-year plans for me. For one thing, to choose a goal too early and focus too narrowly means that we could easily miss something far more worth doing that anything we’d chosen for ourselves.

    On the other hand, I don’t just wander around in a fog, either. The decision of WHAT to do seems often to be intuitive. After that, the “how” of doing it requires a lot of discipline, effort and planning.

    It’s amazing to me now that I’ve had four very distinct careers in the span of just forty years. (I got started a little late because it took me nine years to get my bachelor’s degree. Therein lies a tale I may tell sometime – but it did involve flunking myself out of college on purpose and going to work in a nursing home.) I’ve done so much, and most of it – working in Africa, teaching sailing, starting my own business – just kind of happened.

    Now, as I’m edging toward retirement and with mom gone, I’ve got about 20 good years left. What will I do with them? It’s a little early for grand plans – the first step is taking Mom home for burial with Dad, and then that will be over. And after that? Who knows? But it’s exciting to think about.

    1. I’m sorry for the loss of your mother may she rest in peace and be reunited with your father. They must be proud of who you are and what you have become…It sounds like you have had an amazing life full of adventure! I wonder what your next chapter will be? I think you have had found balance from the rigidness of goal setting and using your intuitive. Is that safe to assume?

  6. My long term goal-setting days are past me – not because I don’t have goals but because I don’t lead the kind of hectic life that demanded an artificial list of “to be accomplished” by a certain date. Now my list includes staying connected with my family; making certain we have enough assets for retirement no matter which idiot gets elected President over the next few terms; and phasing in our home/backyard remodeling so that it does not get in the way of retirement.

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