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I look down at my shoes they look smelly, battered and worn. They have run errands, made trips to the  park, traveled far and wide. They are not pretty but they are sturdy. The enable me to run, chase after the kids, and catch the dog. It’s my shoes that make me who I am and what I hope to be…

A Pair of Shoes, Vincent Van Gogh, 1886.

We trudge along paths, wide open roads, some of us with dreams without limits and other finding solace in the quiet of a book. If the shoe makes the man what does it say about me? I prefer the road less traveled and the adventures of life.

I always wonder what it would be like to walk in another shoes. Would they feel like home? Uncomfortable? If there was one shoe I would walk in who would it would be? In my books it would be  the trailblazers  who fought for  women’s equality.

I think of Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. Trail blazers of the past and icons for the future.They soldiered forward and put up the good fight! It’s them that I can thank for being a woman comfortable in my own shoes.

Whose shoes would you like to walk in? And where are your own shoes taking you?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. I’m staying in my own shoes. I tried walking in those of others, tried being what others wished me to be. My shoes, even if I occasionally plant one in poo. 🙂 I’ll gladly walk *with* feminists of any age, any time, anywhere.

  2. You know, I kinda like my own shoes. It took some time to get comfortable here, and so much more time to celebrate this path I’m walking. Given the opportunity to trade, I think I would probably decline 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to walk in flats – being short I’ve mostly existed in heels. So two days ago I FINALLY bought some. They’re covered in sparkles. I’ve never been so excited.

    These are shoes I could get used to.

  4. Well, the day I starting looking in the mirror asking who that old woman was, I realized I would have to accept what I discovered. With that, I also became aware my shoes were meant for me. The shoes are comfortable, the old body sometimes is, but still functional! I will continue to contribute what I can from a perspective unlike any other – after all, my life as all others are unique to each of us.

  5. I’ver always had a close relationship with my shoes, given that I’ve only got 3 pairs, and the older they get the more fond I am of them. The more battered they are the more I cherish them. People who know sometimes wish they had an accident so I would buy something smarter but I always clingt o my shoes to the bitter end.

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