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A Mother’s Unrest

As time passes and we fade to dust do our souls travel to another place? Does a restless soul get trapped ?  And is this why  paranormal activity may exist? I know when we hear the ghost stories over the camp fire at night gaff at the tales because it is stranger than fiction. But have you ever had your own paranormal experience that left you wondering – a sudden brush across your shoulder, a creepy feeling lurking from behind, or just the feeling of a presence somewhere in the midst of your home.

The first apartment that we went rented was in rickety old house, we had the main floor, it was a place that seemed dreams once lived with open windows, the three fireplaces, but as time passed turned into an array of various apartments blocking the flow of rooms and turning a once majestic home into a decay of the past. This is where we lived with the birth of our first son for the first few months of his life. It was the first morning we brought our bundle of joy home to our little space of warmth and love that strange things began to happen on a daily basis.

The first was the infestation of lady  bugs basking in the light of our huge bay window.  After the ladies sudden appearance more oddities occurred such as doors that were shut would slowly open, as if someone was quietly creeping into our room in the middle of the night. In the daytime  our  front entrance which was always locked would fly open for no explicable reason, and no one was ever at the door.

But then it was late at night, in the dead hours,  when the little one would summon for his feeding and you would catch a cool breeze with a glimpse of white shift throughout the hallway. It was those nights I wondered if sleep deprivation was getting the best of me.

It wasn’t until friends began to visit and mentioned they would never live in that house because it was haunted.

“Didn’t you know?”

“Know what? That the house is haunted?”

“We had friends who lived there two summers past and they would have strange things happen every night.”

It was then I discovered the story of this majestic old house. Once upon a  time a wealthy family had dwelled in it`s comforts and called this place home.  It was during World War II  both her husband and  two sons went off to war, and never returned. It is believed the heart of the family, a mother and a wife, is still waiting for their return…It made sense the Mother waiting for the inevitable return for her husband and sons. The grief, sorrow, and pain that must have held her soul to tight and now she is left to wait.

I never felt scared  in the old haunted house, I felt comforted that once lived a women who loved her sons, just as much as I loved mine. So when the door would slowly creep open with no one to be seen I knew it was just her checking in on our  little man. After all, everyone loves a baby, even ghosts, I’m assuming…

Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever had an experience that is stranger than fiction?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Only with a few dreams, not in living environment. As for believing in paranormal, I go back to ‘what is normal?’ Normal has no centre. To Rita Mae Brown, normal is the average of deviance. In math, normal is a moving number so long as their are possibilities added. Since our range is unknown, the centre is unknown. We define our world by what we can see, feel, taste, hear, and smell, and that is a rather narrow realm.

      1. For us at this point… we can use our spiritual beliefs and practises (I’m a Reiki practitioner) and we can imagine, because no matter what is there, the only way we look beyond our boxes is through our ability to imagine. Imagine does not always mean ‘fabricate’.

      2. Imagine and fabricate are two very different things. I know from my experience the lady bugs were there with the arrival of my first son and the arrival of our second in our next home. I always looked at it as a good luck sign.

        The ghost maybe I imagined but at the same time whenever you meet someone who lived in that house had a story to tell.

        So to me with consensus from speaking with others gave me the feeling that there was something more…

      3. If you imagined (again, imagination itself can be considered a tool, or even a sense at times, right?) the presence, then there is a message there for you. The only questions are… what is the message, and who is the sender? We can surmise, but as with all things outside our ability to recreate and test (read as control) that challenge us, there is ambiguity and wonder, not to mention…growth.

  2. I believe. And I try not to be scared. But, oh, man. I was the kid who saw people in the shadows of her room at night, and never got over it. I didn’t sleep for a full week after watching The Sixth Sense because it cut a little too close to the bone. Ack. Might be time for some therapy (ha ha ha).

  3. Good topic and the house in the image you selected looks just like my in-laws residence.

    No spooking experiences for me just the usual “thought I heard something” stuff.

  4. I sort of believe and don’t believe at the same time. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me, apart from an incidet that was so odd I’m still shaking my head and wondering if I was seeing things, but if someone sensible like you tells such a tale, and this has happened to me before, You have to take it seriously. Hence my dilemma

  5. I definitely believe in ghosts. I’m pretty sure I saw one when I was little. I was much younger and at a sleepover. A really tall dark figure glided across the floor and shut the bedroom window. Everyone else was asleep except for one other girl, and she saw it, too. We didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

  6. Not only have I experienced strange things, but I’ve gone on a paranormal investigation with a ghost-hunting group – and lived to blog about it! All I can say is, after everything I’ve seen and heard, I am a firm believer.

  7. I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to the paranormal but a big believer in the anomolies of science. The pretext of a perfectly rational world where every event can be explained by our limited realm of kowledge doesn’t fit as neatly into a small package as many insist. The proofs and conclusions of science are not nearly so incontrovertible as many would have us believe, so there is certainly room in a scientific rational world for things we just do not know yet. But how’d I get off on all that?

    This was a great read.! I thoroughly enjoyed it form the beginning to the end. Great writing, very interesting. I love the hint of the paranormal without upsetting the delicate balance by going overboard. I went back and read it again.

    1. Thank you for your comments! You just made me blush…I also agree there is certain things that science cannot prove or have yet to prove. Just because we can’t define it – doesn’t mean it cannot exist…

  8. Some people look puzzled when I say land has a soul! By that, I mean the spirits of the land stay a very long time and can be felt if you block out the man-made activities on the surface. It’s easy on my land, because no permanent structures have been erected in the researchable past. Enjoyed that story!

      1. Not in a movie-theme scary sort of way. I feel at-one with the land. It has character and personality from those that came before me. I am truly at home on my land and its spirit soothes me. I wish everyone could feel that awareness! Evidently, they cannot. I’m glad you survived your outing!

      2. The land does shape and bend. It has a history that it whispers to us that wants to tell us its secrets. I wonder what roamed in great plains, or how an explorer discovering new territories lived to tell of its existence…It’s these ghosts from the past that give the land it’s own unique attention. Thank you for pointing this out and bringing it back to my attention.

  9. I was a very sure non-believer until I had a few experiences of my own. I didn’t see figures, but there was way too much going on for the skeptic to survive. I’m okay with my new perspective, but don’t expect that logical people will understand. Oh, well.

  10. Lovely post. When I read that you sensed a presence when you went to feed you boy, I thought immediately, it might be a motherly spirit, checking on the available baby.

    Soon, I’ll be writing a piece about my daughter, and the “imaginary” tea parties she had with a tiny, white-haired lady she named Grandma Teacup.

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