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The Hands of Father Time

Did you ever have one of those days were you wish you could hop into a book and escape?  Perhaps it would be fun  to eat cake with Marie Antoinette enjoying a little decadence and debauchery! You could then slink back into your world before the peasants declared “Off with her head!” It would be the perfectly timed exit before being thrust into the French revolution. But just enough time to enjoy its rich decadence.

Fêtes Vénitiennes by Watteau, Jean - Antoine

I wonder how our life would unfold after we returned from having this magical power of being transported through the creative powers of a book. Would we wallow over our rough lives or would we rise above? Each decade has its own miseries, triumphs, culture, art, and history. We glorify each decade as if it was better before time had passed and wave our finger at the new kids following behind us.

As we grow older do we clutch the decades of our youth glorifying what was once before us whether it be politics, fashion, music, or literature. Our will we look back on our past with disdain and enjoy the new-found glory of technology.

Does the beauty of time  shape  and shift as society evolves into the future? If there was place in time that you could pop through in a book – where would it be?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Usually I lose myself in stories of my own creation, things framed in my mind long before I ever thought of actually creating stories on a keyboard.

    Looking back at life, I’ll take most of what we’ve got now over what we had in my childhood. Vietnam, closets, heavy patriarchy and gender discrimination, segregation, dirty air, dirty water, the more that things like incest and domestic violence and sexual assault were things not discussed publicly all held sway back then. There are some things that I’d bring forward – less domination of our economy by big box retailers, Sundays as day with family as two examples, but I’d say we’ve got it better now.

    1. I would have to agree with you! Things have progressed for the better but there does seem to be a romantic ideal of the sixties when all of these doors were beginning to be blown open.

      As for Sunday’s I think it should be time for family – I think everyone could use the rest!

  2. My ideal would be to visit the future in multiples of years. I’m always amused when I watch a sci-fi movie and the people are dealing with human frailties like anger, jealousy, ego insecurities. I suppose I keep looking for progress past the emotions that tend to hold us back. At the same time, I want to return to the simple life I lead, where I’m able to enjoy the land, the night sky, and the peace and quiet, in rural America.

    1. Wouldn`t it be great if we could evolve to make decisions based on rationality and not pure emotion? However, I wonder how colorful that world would be especially since so many vices have made us who we are…Rural America sounds perfect! I would love to sit out on the porch, gaze at the sky, and read. Every now and then you can capture a glimpse of it but sometimes I think it would be nice not to have neighbors so close…

  3. I literally just had this conversation with someone last night. Let me find myself in 17th or 18th century America living with my ancestors on the rolling plains, enjoying our nomadic lifestyle. I lobe getting lost in stories, if only there was a way to jump in and out of books as we please…maybe that’s what we can repurpose NASA to figure out.

    1. Now that’s an idea! If NASA could only find a new way to market itself for the greater good of time travel! It would be amazing to hop through a book travel in time and experience all of the good things from that period. But plan it so we have enough time that we are not stranded to deal with issues such as plagues, war, and mutiny! I say this because I always wondered what it would be like on a tall ship sailing in the open sea.

  4. In a weird way, I think that with a well written book, I can actually feel as if I was there in another time. I find myself wondering, with the constraints of whatever time it is that I’m reading, what kind of woman would I be? Would I quietly chafe at the restrictions put on me by society, or worse yet, be ignorant of them? Or would I instead throw caution to the wind, and deliberately defy convention? That may be why I love to read books set in various times in history–it makes me take a look at myself and consider who I might otherwise be.

    That said, I don’t know that I could choose one point in time. So many fascinate me!

    1. I know! So many time periods and books fascinate me – it’s hard to choose just one! I love the Josephine B. Trilogy just for the brain candy, the escape, and wondering what would it be like to be in her shoes. It is still one of my favorite sets of books that I love to escape with…

  5. Now this is a great post which invited me to day dream and ponder which are two of my favourite things. The country always seems to be going to the dogs or enjoying greater freedoms and opportunities depending on your mood or point of view. We could discuss this for days, and I would love to but mainly I just want to thank you for setting me off on another whimsical stream of thought.

  6. A great book loosens my imagination, absorbs me into the world of the writer and the characters so intently that I can picture that world. That said, no book has made me want to live in a given time. However, the few sci-fi writers I follow paint worlds that I would want to visit – briefly. Julie Czerneda is my favorite now.

    Great post by the way!

    1. Thank You! A great book does have way that enables us to escape and want to be in that world. I just finished “Rules of Civility” for BlogHer Book Club and it was one of those books that made you want to be in New York in 1938, listening to Jazz, and drinking lemon drops. It was magical!

      1. Thanks, that book sounds interesting to me too. I’m always checking out ones for my teen grandchildren. I found one that made me wish I could redo high school (Replay by Keira Lea) – and that was a lifetime ago! Writing novels well is a most appreciated art form!

        Thanks for an excellent post!

  7. It’s a good question – one I’ve probably spent too much time thinking about in my life. The books I would want to wade into change – pretty much any really interesting story (that wasn’t too dangerous). Did you ever see Gumby and Pokey? I loved how they would squeeze into books – I was so disappointed when I got the toy figures and they wouldn’t go into anything. Not that I really expected them to, but I still kind of hoped.

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