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A Coors Light with Stephanie Plum

If there was one character from a novel that you would like to meet who would it be? If there is one character that makes me laugh, gets in trouble, and unravels mysteries like thief in the night. It is Stephanie Plum! Luckily for me, my imagination got to sit down to talk with her about her life, love, and career.

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It was just recently  met Stephanie Plum for drinks at the local bar, we both ordered the hot chicken wings, and discussed the state of her life. She was looking fantastic in her hot jeans perfect heels, and I was left stunned in awe of her Taser gun. It’s really something that you only read in the books.
As we slammed back our Coors Lights I asked Stephanie, “How do you have such a knack for finding such trouble?”

She chuckled, “It has nothing to do with trouble. It’s just my line of work.”

“How do you enjoy that line of work?”

“It has its days. But I have Lulu to watch my back and keep me filled up on a bucket of chicken.”

“Lulu! Seems like a piece of work! But definitely someone I would love to watch my back.”

Now as I sipped my drink, I wanted to get to the bottom of the whole Joe Morelli and Ranger debacle! My heart was beating fast! Please! Let it be Joe! Please! Let it Be Joe! I have been longing for Ranger and his ripping muscles in his dark t-shirt since One for the Money.

I mustered up my courage “ So these men in your life? They seem to cause a lot of problems! Are you with one of them right now?”

I tried to look cool and laid back. I waited for the answer…

And with that a loud gun shot came from the back and then a blood curdling scream!

Stephanie looked at me, “Here take one of my Tasers! I’m going to need back-up!”

As she threw  the Taser at me I knew we would be fast friends for life. Men come and come go but girls stick together! After all, she did hand me her finest Taser Gun.

Is there a character from a novel or series that you would like to meet? How would you envision your first meeting together?

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16 replies

  1. Idgie, from Fried Green Tomatoes. We’d be best buddies.

    I did a couple of posts, meant to be annual, so two years running, that was an invitation to an imaginary salon. The ‘invitations’ were for around 20 or so women, living and dead, who might be fun to gather and chat it up.

    1. That sounds like fun! Where are the posts? I would like to read them – please!

      I’ve never read Fried Green Tomatoes but remember seeing the movie! It might be one of those books I’ll have to look up 🙂

      1. Two very noteworthy lists – I would like to be a fly on the wall for both of those lists. Heck! I`ll throw in free child care for Angelina Jolie, all of those tots, she has got to need a break, and sit down with all of those influential woman and have a chat 🙂

  2. Hahahaaa! Stephanie Plum is a great choice – I don’t think I would have thought of her for this prompt question, but man, yes, it WOULD be fun to throw back a few beers and go on some wild adventure with her. Found you on NaBlo – good luck the rest of the month!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!! It was a toss up between her and Moll Flanders! I decided to go with Stephanie because Moll would have picked my pockets and stole my husband. This has a much more happier ending 🙂

  3. I have enjoyed all the Stephanie Plum novels that I’ve read but haven’t kept up recently.

    So many characters to choose from… A favorite character in a series is Jimmy Paz, a Miami detective from novels by Michael Gruber. I’m probably saying this because I will read anything Gruber writes – his books are intelligent, intriguing, engaging, so well written, and always teaching the reader about a new topic. Paz is complex, multi-cultural character. Fact is, I just downloaded the Kindle version of his last book “The Good Son” without having read any reviews or any idea what it is about. Only P.D. James (ooooh, Inspector Dagliesh!) also can do that to m. Elizabeth George has been a bit of let down recently, but I still read her all of work.

    Back to your question about a meeting with Jimmy Paz – he would show me around his part of Miami, introduce me to Cuban food at his mother’s restaurant, and share details of the not previously revealed about the Voodoo Murders.

  4. You’re gonna have to go (wo)mano-a-(wo)mano with me over Ranger, lady! Just sayin’ . . . Anyway, I have a tough time picking just one of anything (which might explain the size of my rear). So, I think I’d like to have a cocktail or two with Joe Merchant, a cup of tea with Mma Ramotswe and maybe a little ale with Leopold Bloom. Would I be going too far if I said it might be interesting to share in IV with the English Patient?

    1. LOL! Ranger is all mine!!! Even Stephanie Plum knows that 😉

      It would be interesting to share an IV with The English Patient but I think I would have rather been his temptress. Love the English Patient!

  5. I’ve never heard of Stephanie Plum until now!

    The only answer possible for me is: Gandalf. He’d be unlikely to impart much wisdom upon me, but that’s OK. I would be so awestruck I’d not be well equipped to understand much anyway. 😉

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