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Fact: I Feel Asleep at The Crazy Horse

Thank you taking the time to guess at Fact or Fiction!  The winners  who all guessed the right answer will now receive an imaginary coffee from me full of rich texture with  a warm smile!

My Coffee Painting by Marilena Pilla

As much as I pride myself on my hollow leg and a nice pint of beer. Something took over that night – was it the hot sun? The Smoky Casinos? Or too much Poolside Fun? I don’t know but after a ginormous meal, a spin at the roulette wheel, by the time we hit the Crazy Horse, it was lights out for this lady!

I must confess that once my body decides to sleep. It sleeps! My husband is always envious about how I fall asleep with ease whether it be with a million kids running amok, or a truck ramming through our house. I will sleep! And love every minute of it! The ladies hit the stage in their fluorescent get ups and it was lights out for me.

The question is however how do we know the difference between fact and fiction? I love to read the posts that brighten my day and form a connection with other fellow bloggers. I believe there is a camaraderie of spirit amongst us which ties us together through sharing our thoughts and views.

The one thing I love about blogging is the eclectic community which shares so many different views, opinions, and watching every ones creative genius shine .I look forward to reading your blogs, hearing your thoughts, and your comments! I also love the emails, tweets, that go along with getting to know each and every one of you! Enough with my sappy gushing…

I want to know what is one thing that you love about blogging? And what have you learned from your own blogging journey?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

12 replies

  1. You fell asleep at a casino? Wow, and I thought that I was a good sleeper. Compared to you, I’m an insomniac. ;O)

    The first blogging I did was at a site that was set up like a community. It’s no longer operational, but it was a really cool experience. If you’d told me that through the process of reading and commenting online, I would grow to form genuine relationships with people I’d never met, I’d have told you that you were off your rocker, but that’s exactly what happened. I think that because we all wrote about the stuff that mattered most to us, we got to know one another pretty quickly–faster than usually happens face-to-face–and then grew to appreciate each other as people, and not just pages on the screen.

    1. Hahaha! I did! If there is one thing I can do well – it is sleep!

      It`s true! I think there is a camaraderie when you visit a blog and connect with other individuals. I love the diversity of people that I connect with on a daily basis and the insights I gain from their own experiences. It is about the connection and the experiences that we share in which you get to relate and realize that you are not just communicating with a screen but an individual. We all have our own perspectives, interests, and values. But we also have one thing in common – that is the passion to share and write.

  2. One thing I LOVE about blogging is getting to feel like I am a participant in my life and not just an observer. Writing soothes the chaos and helps me see things in perspective. It’s like talking out loud but with less noise. One thing I have learned from my blogging journey is that I am normal – my crazy paranoid thoughts, fears and frustrations are not unique to me and that makes everyday more approachable.

    1. Thank you for your reflective comments 🙂

      I also find blogging can be quite therapeutic and on those crazy days – it gives me perspective and definitely make life more approachable! I also think Blogging enables us to listen to our thoughts without the background noise. It’s nice to know that there is someone out there who may have experienced those similar thoughts and fears. Who knows the way the pendulum sways and is someone you can connect with 🙂

  3. All those lovely, um, ladies… Oh well, my partner would be snoring, too, if it was after 9 p.m.!

    I blog for health reasons – to keep me on track with my goal to become and remain healthy. It also has provided more of an emotional outlet than I ever anticipated given that I do not use my blog as a journal, but who could have expected my Mom would die, my dog would die, and I would get breast cancer, all in less than a year.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting! The interaction (both as a blogger and as someone who comments on others’ blogs) is what makes it most meaningful.

    1. You have a had an extremely rough year – I don’t know how you move forward with such spirit and determination. Some of us would just want to pull the blanket over our heads and hide…I know I would!

      I do find the interaction more meaningful when I interact with others – it’s nice to know there is someone else on the other end of the screen 🙂

  4. Back up lady….. A truck through your house? Did that really happen? I thought things like that only happened to me. When I was in college, and was a waitress, a lady went in drive instead of reverse pulling out of a parking space. When she realized what she was doing, she jammed on her gas instead of her breaks and drove right through the building. I was hit by a flying microwave….

    I love the friends (especially you) that I have made blogging. I am amazed at how close I feel to people I have neverr met… well, never met in person that is…. I love how everyone seems so open and real when they blog. I also love that blogging helps me through difficult times, like when Alex was so sick. I wish that my blog was totally anonomous other times, because there are so many other stories I wish I could share, but I cant… that is why I love to be able to email my bloggy friends about them…. what I like least is how time consuming blogging is. If life gets in the way and I can’t read or comment on my friends blogs, I feel very guilty….

    1. LOL! No the truck through my house did not happen…Could you imagine? But I probably would have slept through it 🙂 OMG! You got hit by a microwave! Now that sounds like something from a Stephanie Plum novel!!!

      Hahaha! I have those guilty days too! But the thing is there isn`t always enough time to do everything we need to in a day. Life can get hectic! So I don’t think we should never feel guilty for not reading or commenting. Somedays we just need to step back from the computer and de-wire. I know there is always that one story at the tip of your tongue, but you to stop…I have scraped one or two because it felt like crossing that line. We always have to becareful because sometimes the blogging waters get murky 🙂

      Speaking of murky waters have you run into anymore big fish in your backyard?

      1. Um… funny that you ask… We were talking to a neighbor and he told us that there were more shark sightings in the area (but these ones much, much biggerr). Also, he said that fish not usually in the area are being found due to high water temps… I am sticking to the pool!

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