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The Wrath of the Toot!

I have a love for all things dairy but sadly dairy does not love me.  In fact it hates me! The moment I cave into its wholesome goodness my stomach turns, it aches, and in the end an unnecessary aroma invades our loving home. In all honesty  a crash of […]

The Cougar on Display

It was a hot sunny day and I opted for the coolness of new maxi dress. It was the best option for a lady who did not want to shave her legs and look  somewhat  put together. I put it on, grabbed my sunglasses,  wrangled up the kids,  and  off […]

The Reflection of Bloody Mary

After reading As I was Singing’s post “Unwelcome Visitors and Candy Men” it brought back my own childhood memories. You know the one where you take the dare, walk into the dark bathroom, turn on the tap water, repeat bloody Mary five times and wait to  see if her morbid face […]

Father Time and Lady Luck

As father time passes us and presents us with opportunities do we reach for them? Or do we let them slip out of our hands? Many of us work hard, make plans for the future, and hope one day our dreams will  one day come true. It’s how we make […]

Nose in My Kobo

I cursed the arrival of the E-Reader! If I could I would have sputtered and spat on it! How dare technology take away my paper back novel to save a few trees. I love the smell of a new book, or a dusty book! The texture of the paper, the […]

My Shoes

I look down at my shoes they look smelly, battered and worn. They have run errands, made trips to the  park, traveled far and wide. They are not pretty but they are sturdy. The enable me to run, chase after the kids, and catch the dog. It’s my shoes that […]

The Imaginary Cat Burglar

As I sat sipping my tea, enjoying the silence of the house, and at the same time cursing at two semi-written blog posts that refused to come together. I sighed, I took deep breath, and went to NaBloPoMo for  writing prompt inspiration. It was there I heard a noise! It […]