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True Blood and Mom

Hurray! My mom is visiting us this week! But it also means my True Blood obsession would be interrupted or would it? I had to know what happened to Eric? Was he going to feed on Sookie? And where did my Alcide go? These questions rumbled through my brain.

It was 8:45  pm my palms were sweaty, my addiction needed to be fuelled…I looked over my Mother was quietly reading her Debbie Macomber novel. This was my moment to escape downstairs to my one favorite summer show and see what would happened next!

Mr. MBA saw the look in my eye, he knew the intensity was more than the need for one drop of V! He watched as I arose from the chair, and nonchalantly said, “Well! I’m going to go watch True Blood! You can come watch it mom. I mean, well… If you want? But that book you are reading looks good! So I can understand if you just want to read.”

Mr. MBA piped up “Oh! You know she needs to go to her cave on Sunday for an hour. She might eat you alive if you disturb her!”

I rolled my eyes and bolted down the stairs, “Well! I have to go now!”

I successfully escaped, the awkward conversation, plopped on the couch, and then heard my mothers footsteps come down the stairs.

“I think I will watch it too”

“Oh! Okay! Just to give you the heads up its gory, raunchy, and is about vampires.”

“One of those strange shows…”

“Well! It’s fun! And I’m not the only one that watches it you know! Your other daughters do too!”

It was with that I settled in for questions and commentary. Yet, it didn’t happen…

She giggled, she laughed, and at the end her only response, “How could you watch such a strange show?”

“It’s your fault! You raised me to be strange!”

She sighed, “I believe you get that from your father’s side.”

Who knew watching True Blood with my mom could be so much fun!  I even suspect she may have watched a few episodes on her own from time to time…

What was your most odd TV or Movie moment with your parents?

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  1. I just have to have my weekly dose of Sookie! The strangely innocent Eric (“Sorry”) is hilarious. Pam is my favorite secondary character. These True Blood urges are almost enough to make me start reading the Sookie Stackhouse books.

    When I realized that my patents watched Fox as their main source of “news”, I knew that TV between us would never be the same – not to mention our political views.

    1. Parents are funny! Sometimes they surprise TV views and all…

      I love Eric this season he is a riot! And I also believe Pam is the best secondary character. Sometimes I wish I was as badass as her…

      I was also excited to see Alcide tonight! He is my number one werehunk of burning love! Sigh!

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