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A Small Taste of Luxury

My husband’s car has recently reached its demise, we have always driven used cars, nothing special, or fancy. The purpose of our cars is to get us to point A to point B. We have always smirked at the idea of wasting our money on something that would depreciate in […]

Bubble Wrap and Freedom

As the end of the school year comes around the bend, I  have watched with pride how far my little men have  strided  and grown learning from their own failures and successes. I watch in awe how spirited they have become –  I wonder is it time to unravel some […]

The C Cup Inquisition

It was one of those days were my girls and I needed a little lift. We had been feeling a bit frumpy and  I knew it was time to update my wardrobe. I headed to the mall armed with my budget and one eye out for pretty sundresses. It was […]