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Blogging: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Mr.MBA usually doesn’t read my blog but sometimes on the occasional chance he gets curious and visits my  little online world. This morning as we were eating breakfast we were having a discussion about his broken nose. He looked at me curiously, “You are not going to blog about this are you?”

“No! I’ll leave your poor nose alone.”


He then looked at me, “You know I’m thinking I might have to begin thinking before I speak. Maybe I should trademark everything I say?”


“Well! If you are going to keep mentioning me in your blog.”

I burst out into laughter “Yes! All insightful great one! Please do!”

It was with that we went about our morning business and making plans for the day.  As I looked over the morning newspaper I began to think there are many things I share with readers but also there is a line that I won’t cross in my personal life. I believe some conversations and some events in life are best kept private regardless of how good of a story it is to tell.

So, I want to know are there things you refuse to blog about it? Do you have a line that you don’t cross when it comes to life, family, and career? If so where do you draw the line?

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  1. I learned the hard way…I “overblogged” about my life as a stepmom. It was cathartic, it was liberating, it was funny. It was also found by my stepkids’ mom. *gulp* I closed the blog and started my current one. I imported some of my old writing, but nothing that referenced the kids or their mom.

    Now, my line is clear. Do I want my husband’s ex to know whatever it is that I write about? If the answer is no, I don’t touch it. If the answer is, “I don’t care” then I run with it.

    1. It’s funny! I do find it cathartic when I overblog but I have to find that fine line. I stay away from the hot topic issues in my family. However, sometimes I have that fire in me and I think oh! If I could only blog this…But I hold my tongue and think it’s for the best 🙂

      I couldn’t imagine dealing with another woman and the stepmom issues you must have gone through…Those relationships are tough and it’s a fine balance. I like your line you have drawn for yourself and sometimes you do have to just run with it and not give a damn.

  2. I don’t write about anything involved with family or work. I know that there’d be more material to work with if I did, but I guess that adds to the challenge of blogging. Right now I’m writing about my inner thoughts about the things that happen when I’m alone or with people outside of my family.

    1. It’s a nice perspective and it does make blogging more challenging 🙂 However, sometimes I draw inspiration from my family and friends they are part of what drives me to think and evaluate different perspectives of my life.

  3. Hmmm a line? Nope still havent crossed it yet! I am waiting for the big whiplash from the Hubs but it hasn’t gotten there yet.
    He did get offended cause I said I loved Jacob from Twilight. That was it.

  4. It is hard drawing that line… But I do try to watch my step… I never talk about work unless it is a goofy story that is basically not even work related. I never even specifically mentioned what I do, or the industry I am in… Also, I don’t write about family except for Marc and my mom. I have a free pass with those two. Sometimes I wish no one in my “real life” knew about my blog, because then I could really tell some stories (oh, like what happens when Marc’s dad’s girlfriend comes for her annual summer visit). That would be good reading!

      1. Well, since this is your blog and not mine, I guess I can share a little??? Picture, loud, rude, lazy and dirty? If that is not clear enough, last summer when she was in we had our cleaning lady come the day she went home. marc left two bottles of leather cleaner for the cleaning lady & told her to use a full bottle on each one… No, I am NOT making this up.

        but, don’t worry, Alex got even….this is one of my fav posts of all… But, since I didn’t name her, I was OK..

  5. I blog about very few things that are about anyone but me, myself, and I actually. I don’t feel like getting peoples’ permission to discuss them, and I won’t write about anyone without asking.

    I actually posted tonight about something my husband said (the Rebecca Black thing) and it was so weird to post something he said without asking him first. He’s probably annoyed that I shared it, too.

  6. I won’t include anything too sexual (on account of my intended reading audience), but I think I might’ve been comfortable with generalities otherwise. My biggest rule really isn’t very hard but has to do with other people. If it’s something too private or special between me and another person, I’ll only dance around it if I mention it at all.

    There are a few things I’d like to write about, for how they impact me, but which I’m unable to write about until those most directly impacted feel comfortable doing so themselves.

    All of which is clear as mud, eh?!

    I love how you didn’t mention the nose. *giggle*

    1. LOL! I can’t mention the nose! It would hurt his manly pride :O

      The line can be muddy! I find if I’m uncomfortable about someone close reading it then I won’t write it. I figure it’s the best way to keep my foot out of my mouth.

  7. I think the line can be tricky. The first time I blogged about my frustration at Kiefer’s lack of committment, I wasn’t sure what to do. I typed up the post, but I saved it as a draft. Then I talked to Kiefer about it, and then I went back and reread it to decide if I really wanted to post it.

    It worked out really well because it allowed me to organize my thoughts for when I talked to Kiefer, while also posting for someone else who might have been in a similar situation.

    1. Posts like that you really need to discuss with your significant other before hitting the publish button. I know my husband would be upset to discover any relationship issues which were private online. But the little things are fair game 🙂

      I find sometimes if there is a problem or something out of sync in my life that blogging does help formulate my thoughts on the subject. It makes everything clearer and at times forces me to be more communicative with others.

  8. I run a dayhome, so anything specific about my extra kids or their parents is off-limits. Ditto anything too embarrassing about my kids, my husband, or my friends. I’ll embarrass myself freely – no problem! – but I don’t want to hurt anyone.

  9. I am glad you wrote about this. I closed my blog down last week after an encounter with my son’s father. My husband was not thrilled with me having a blog anyways, and this was a nail in the coffin.

    My ex had been reading my blog and then making “fake” comments pretending he was other people from my past (but using the same email each time – that was my clue) that was linked to his blog, with two whole entries that were dedicated to making me the worst person on the face of the earth.

    I thought I had been really careful about what I shared about my family and past. But it still caught up to me. It was too much to for me to deal with at the time. I felt horribly dirty and betrayed knowing that this man from 14 years in my past was going through each of my posts with a fine tooth comb and using them to judge me.

    My husband thinks blogging is stupid. He is a very private person. He thinks that I should just journal. He doesn’t understand the cathartic nature of being able to connect with strangers about shared experiences and thoughts. But right now I don’t know if that is worth the extra burden it was placing on myself and my family.

    So clearly I don’t have an answer at all.

    1. Wow! I feel awful that this has happened to you. I loved your blog, your posts, and your thoughts on life. It’s disappointing how one man can ruin everything for you. I wouldn’t let his worthless judgement stop you from doing it. But I do understand your time to regain yourself and privacy. It’s obvious why you left this man in the first place especially if he is going out of his way to make your life miserable. I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

      I know my husband doesn’t necessarily understand it but recognizes that it’s an outlet for me. I enjoy conversing with new people online, getting thoughts, and opinions. I look at blogging as a community of people that have opened my eyes to different ideas, thoughts, and values. It something I appreciate immensely from reading peoples posts and the comments I recieve from other people.

      I do hope you find the balance you need in life and that you start blogging again in the future. As I said I do find some of your posts very insightful. I wish you the best and hope everything goes well for you in the future.

      If you are ever in Edmonton drop me a tweet, we can go for a coffee, and that way I won’t be a stranger 🙂

  10. i am careful not to be critical of people I know, if I can help it, as you never know who might read it and saying something to your blog that you would’nt say to their face is not entirely polite

  11. First, I always assume that anything I say in my blog is going to end up on everything from the Drudge report to the Times Square scrolling marquee. That helps keep things in line.

    I draw a good bit from life, but generally will say, “a former co-worker”, or “a neighbor”. I never use names unless I’m referring to someone who’s aware that I’m doing so and is fine with it.

    And often I write about the dynamics of a situation, rather than the details. That helps, too.

    Though I mention my family and friends from time to time, I don’t write about our daily life, per se. For example, Mom fell this week and went into the hospital. She didn’t have any broken bones, but they discovered some medical issues that have to be dealt with. I’ve mentioned all that in my comments, here and there, but I won’t be live-blogging her hospital stay. 😉 For one thing, that sort of thing can get boring. For another, other people’s privacy needs to be protected, if we’re to have any integrity at all as bloggers and people.

    Neat post!

    1. Thank you! People’s privacy and interity need to be protected. It is our responsibility as bloggers to ensure we are doing the right thing. That is why we need to have the line drawn in the sand 🙂

  12. Yeah I usually don’t write about family or friends or any of their personal stuff if I can help it. And my blog is just focused on one topic, so I just write about stuff relating to shyness on there, and everything else goes in my written journal or I don’t write about it. So my blog doesn’t really capture my life and just shows one side of me I suppose, but it’s good to have a place to just focus on those goals I set. 🙂 My facebook shows more because that’s where all my pictures are and the people I interact with.

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