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Smashing My Head Against the Bio

I love to blog, I love to write, but to sum it up in short and write a bio about yourself is a painful process.  Especially, when you have a hard time being serious about yourself. I’ve never submitted a bio that didn’t involve a joke about coffee, stained shirts, little cars, or yoga pants.

I glanced over my About Me page and shuddered…

Help! I’m trapped in the suburban carnival! And I’ll never be able to find my way out! I’m scared of Botox, my car is too small, and I fear spending too much money on yoga pants!  I always put my foot in my mouth and my mother in law is extremely passive-aggressive. It’s all of these things which are the carnival of my life. Right now, I am currently suspended upside down from my trapeze waiting for somebody to come out with the net.

I thought perhaps I would change the about me page. On the odd chance that my Mother in Law would ever discover that yes I do  find her extremely passive-aggressive. In the end it would start a battle of MIL vs. DIL with Mr.MBA being  diminished into a cloud of dust as two tornadoes swirled about him.

Perhaps, a domesticated clown isn’t the best way to describe myself. But most days I do feel slightly, awkward, clumsy, and give a wink at the most inappropriate of times. So in attempt to for you to learn something serious about me.

I looked up tips for writing the perfect Bio. Yes I did! The consensus of articles from the web stated five facts that you should share about yourself. So ahem!

1. Education

I attended a small liberal arts school studied Political Science and Human Rights.  It is there I learned the value of critical thinking, developed a love for Aristotle, and can recite The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. Achievements

I went to beauty school for six months and discovered it wasn’t for me. I made the wise decision of becoming a beauty school drop-out. And it was the greatest achievement and wisest choice of my life. I saved the world from an onslaught of blue haired ladies in their walkers on the hunt for men at discos.

3. My perspective on Life

You only get one life!  Live it to the fullest!

4. Publications

I won a poetry contest in Grade three! The laminated book still resides in the school library. I do not remember the words of the poem but it involved a deer and a stream.

5.  Travels, hobbies, and interests

My second summer of university I worked as an Aupair in the foothills of Switzerland. And if you have ever seen Outsource that is pretty much what I did l in India for a year. I also have a love of reading, cooking, eating, running, and dark pubs arguing over politics.

So as you can see I am smashing my head against the bio and have a hard time being serious. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

11 replies

  1. In my case, I wrote a dozen variations. I finally landed on one I liked and let it stick.

    I wish I could provide more useful insight. I just decided using a quote provided by my brother law (including reference to things like my liking “dark meat”) was probably not the right approach. :p

      1. Thanks! 😀

        I realized something after Hilary’s comment landed in my inbox. I forgot to say, “But your bio is already awesome!” Like Hilary, I find myself giggling each time I look at it anew.

  2. I hear you… I find it so hard to write “about me”. I alwasy draw a blank.. I think yours is great. It makes me laugh everytime I read it!

  3. I hardly ever have a tip to pass one that seems worth the effort, but I HAVE A TIP!

    Write everything else on your blog for other people, but write your “about” page for yourself. I’ve changed a few things on mine – favorite books, etc – but the “bio” which really isn’t a bio at all has stayed the same for three years.

    I go back and read it myself sometimes, just to remember who I am. That’s why you should write it for yourself. 😉

  4. I really like shoreacres’ tip! I may have to use that myself. My own thought was going to be some fun things about family and where you live – without revealing more than is comfortable. But that could be worked into the occasional update.

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