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The Threat of Liver

I have a confession my son is a picky eater and I have failed at expanding his food horizon. In the past, I scanned every parenting magazine, forum, and sought advice from friends. But nothing seemed to entice him to eat if he didn’t want to eat what was on […]

The Judgement of Beauty

On my usual morning routine of scanning the Globe and Mail I came across this article “It’s Booty Season: Be Ready to Be Judged.” In the article Micah Toub discusses the ideal beauty standards men have towards women. The picture of the perfect  booty in Daisy Duke shorts shone across […]

Blogging: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Mr.MBA usually doesn’t read my blog but sometimes on the occasional chance he gets curious and visits my  little online world. This morning as we were eating breakfast we were having a discussion about his broken nose. He looked at me curiously, “You are not going to blog about this […]

Smashing My Head Against the Bio

I love to blog, I love to write, but to sum it up in short and write a bio about yourself is a painful process.  Especially, when you have a hard time being serious about yourself. I’ve never submitted a bio that didn’t involve a joke about coffee, stained shirts, […]

What’s Behind a Smile?

A smile is more than just an upward curve of the mouth. It is the gesture which symbolizes joy, happiness, optimism, and laughter. A stranger with a welcoming smile can brighten your day! And a friend with compassion who listens without pursed lips is the one you lean on when […]

Stephen Harper and the Industrious Beaver

It was this week the people went to the polls and elected Stephen Harper’s Conservatives a majority government. It was a surprise to many fellow Canadians and Political pundits that the Conservative machine won the vote of the people. It’s a question which left many people wondering  how did this […]