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Breakfast with the Candidates: What’s on your Favourite Political Leaders Menu

The recent polls suggest we have a tight race in this upcoming election. The progressive Conservatives at 36.4 percent,  NDP leader Jack Layton at 31.2, and Michael Ignatieff (dear sweet Ignatieff) holding his own at 22 percent. Will Harper have his majority government? Or will Layton steal all of his glory?

As the last weekend of campaigning comes to hit us in the face and we watch all of our favourite politicians kiss babies. I wonder what our political party leaders will be eating for breakfast this weekend… 

I suspect Green Party Elizabeth May holding onto 4 percent in the polls will be enjoying  a refreshing green smoothie and eating fresh apples in the Okanagan. As she hob nobs with David Suzuki about the environment and remind voters to think green.

Our handsome separatist leader Gilles Duceppe with 5 percent will be lounging about a local café in small town Quebec, he will be sipping his latte, enjoying a fresh croissant , with a side of Quebec bacon.

Wondering how did Layton sneak up on him in the polls? How did Layton get 41.4 while he only has a meagre 23.6 percent?  As he weeps for his lovers to return, he realizes the show must go on, and reminds himself that he is an elegant man ready for sophisticated battle until the end.

Michael Ignatieff has got to use his fancy feet!  Where did my poli-sci rock star go? I had such high hopes for him and the Liberal party. If anyone was going to turn it around after the Dion fiasco I thought it would be him. But sadly,  Layton a thief in the night is stealing all of Iggy’s votes in Ontario and Quebec.

It’s time for Wily Iggy, my sly fox,  to get moving! I suspect as he buses from farmers market to farmers market he will be eating a bag of mini doughnuts and black coffee. He doesn’t have time to sit nor eat and  needs all the sugar he can get to win the hearts of the Canadian people.

Last but not least Stephen Harper is ready to fight. He needs a majority or he is out! This cowboy is going to need a fighting breakfast to sustain his small lead in the polls. I suspect he will be having two eggs over easy, his steak rare, and toast with jam. This sheriff won’t be messing around! Lookout Layton I suspect the Conservatives will be aiming their big guns at you this weekend.

On this last weekend of election momentum is building with  higher than expected  voter turn-out in the advanced polls and Layton steam rolling across the country.  Our Election is heating up!

So what’s on your breakfast menu this weekend to sustain you for Election Day?

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  1. I haven’t a clue about Canadian politics (other than what my New Hampshire relatives think that they know). BUT, I loved your “breakfast with the pols” post! Yours eat so much more civilized than American politicians who tend to eat each other. (Plus, it’s refreshing to see a non-political blog take off on politics!)

  2. I can’t understand why Iggy hasn’t done better. I love hearing him interviewed, and yet he just hasn’t whipped up the frenzy I was hoping for either. It is kinda disappointing. Perhaps he needs to use the word “bling” in debates like Layton 😉

    1. Me too! I thought after Dion that Iggy would swoop in and make change. However, part of his problem is you have the NDP and Green Party stealing at lot of Liberal votes. It’s problematic to have three parties on the left…Hahahaha! Layton does have the “bling!” He would promise the moon to us if he could but in the end how is going to pay for all of this government spending?

  3. What? You pay for government spending up there? What a concept! 😉

    This really was a neat post, even though I don’t know a lick about the candidates. Actually, I do know a good bit about them now, at least in terms of their “personas”, if not their policies.

    Well done!

  4. That was a pretty neat post. I ate the usual for breakfast, toast with cherry brandy jam, peanut butter, and Banana.
    It looks like the percentages are the same on Sunday night, will there be a change? We’ll know tomorrow!

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