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My Only Recollection of Dynasty

Dynasty was the it show of the eighties full of big hair, shiny jewels, and lots of shoulder pads. It was the one show my sisters and I gathered around the TV set with a box full of cream puffs and a bottle of coke. I wish I could tell you about the plot line, the cat fights, and affairs. However, I was only in grade 2 and my only recollection of Dynasty is this….

Perhaps, it my over active imagination that warned me that the men with the eye patch was evil, the sense of panic when armed troops stormed the royal wedding, or maybe it was the shooting of the whole cast. It was this one short dramatic action packed moment in which I screamed in tears, “They shot them in a church! They are all dead! What will we watch now?”

It was at that young time in my life that I believed  if God couldn’t protect the cast of Dynasty at  a royal wedding then he couldn’t protect me from storm troopers at  Sunday Mass. It was after watching this one episode, I questioned the power of God, and  I dreaded going to church.

I would  sit on the edge of the church pew  with the knowledge that troopers could crash through the church’s stained glass windows at any minute. I knew my only chance for survival would be to dive under the  pew and play dead. I only had myself to think and save. I would have to be fast!

It was about after a month of Sunday masses my little seven-year old mind, finally learned the difference between fantasy and reality. Luckily, storm troopers never invaded my church but it did add more excitement to my Sunday morning.

Do you have any vivid memories of TV shows from the past?

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  1. Hmm… Good one. I remember my parents always let me stay up late, so I remember going to elementary school talking about three’s company, because I was the only one it seemed that stayed up that late. I think my biggest TV shock was on Dallas when they made a whole year a dream. I couldn’t imagine TV could do that. It seemed so cruel and also such a waste of time.

  2. I have a lot of vivid childhood TV memories – mostly good – The Wizard of Oz, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (only available once a year when I was little – they were events!), Batman – my favorite show (a serious crime drama, as far as I was concerned). And then there was a crazy weird show that I saw when I was 10 that terrified me and nobody else had heard about. I came close to thinking that I was dreaming it up till I found it online not long ago. I think I will have to blog about it someday soon.

    1. Those were very exciting events when I was a kid! I was always in anticipation for the Sound of Music. I love love love it! And still watch it every year. A “crazy weird show” – do you remember the name of it? You should definitely blog about it! I can’t wait to read it 🙂

  3. It was something that only aired once as far as I know – something from Jim Henson, of all people! I will blog about it soon, I think, mainly because I want to see what other people think about it!

  4. When I recently found out it was him who did it – the same year Sesame Street debuted, no less, it really made me wonder about who we trust our preschoolers’ heads to! You once mentioned your love for Miss Piggy, and I thought you would be interested in this show. If you want to watch it, you can find it here: It’s an hour long, but it’s pretty fascinating.

  5. My secret love from my childhood was “you can’t do that on Television” which it seems very few people seem to know. So then I will bust out a line every so often and I just get the confused look.

    “What do you think is IN the burgers?”

    And yes, that is Alanis Morisette if you wanted to know…

    1. You can’t do that on tv was a gem, one of my favorite memories was that guy who was dating Elaine on Seinfeld who drifted off to lala land whenever he heard Desperado by the Eagles.

  6. I was thinking yesterday about the show Frasier. Man, that was one of the funniest and most clever shows on television. there was an episode where Niles and Fraiser play the “air violin”. I have played the “air fiddle” ever since seeing that, probably 15 years ago. It’s so funny how something can stick with you so long.

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