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Superstitions and Heart Break

As I finished “The Road to Damascus” the 18th episode of Carnivale on digital cable. It was with suspicion I sensed season 2 was coming to an end. Carnivale had become my first love this past month. I couldn’t bare to part with the sinister plot line.  I couldn’t contain myself! I wanted to google and see how many episodes I had until the season finale.

This is when my heartbreak began…I discovered that Carnivale was not a new HBO series! It ended in 2005! I wondered where have I been living? Under a Rock? Have I completely lost touch with pop culture? Is this what happens when you become a 24hr.chaffeur and soccer mom?

My heart sank! I have invested so much time into watching Season 1 and now as Season 2 coming to an end. I realize It will be the final end! I felt a heavy thud in my heart! I had been robbed of my new love! It was short, wonderful, and sweet. But I wanted more from this relationship!

Now, I wonder what will I watch? What will escape with at night?  I have been spoiled with its mysterious plot line of good vs. evil, the eerie cinematography, and the twisted character development.

I lamented to Mr. MBA upon my discovery!

“Can you believe it! It’s over in 2005. I thought this was a new series?”

Mr. MBA rolled his eyes “So your saying it’s over! There is only a couple of episodes left to go.”


He let out a sigh of relief, “Thank God! I hated that show!”

“What do you mean you hated it?”

“It’s just creepy and your superstitious enough as it is! I didn’t need adding more fuel to the fire.”

“I’m not superstitious!”

“Yes! You are! What about all of that dream nonsense!  I’m not allowed to tell you any of my dreams until after breakfast because it could come true.”

“It could! You know what happens when I dream about Great Aunt Birdie! Nothing good ever comes of it.”

“See! You are superstitious! Plus, you talk in your sleep  every time you watch the show. It’s almost as bad as the time you were reading Alias Grace.”

“It was an eerie book! You would have weird dreams too!”

“My point exactly that’s why I don’t read or watch any of  it.”

” It? What do you mean it?”

“All that Artsy stuff.”

“Artsy stuff?”

“You know what I mean…”

It is with that I wandered downstairs with my bowl of popcorn and root beer float. I was ready to drown in my sorrows and  watch the next episode, sad with the knowledge, that my time with Carnivale was coming to a bitter-sweet end.

What TV show broke your heart with its sudden disappearance? Did it leave you feeling like its dirty mistress?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

23 replies

  1. I was sad to see Cheers leave when I was 16. Those guys were like my virtual drinking buddies. I even got to visit the bar that the show was based on in Boston. No show since really struck me like that one.
    If you miss Carnivale so much, maybe if you ever have time, try doing some fictional writing with characters based on the ones from the show. It sounds like you’re passionate enough about it.

  2. I enjoyed Carnivale back in 2005 and was stunned that it ended so abruptly without resolution to the many story lines, no follow-up movie, nada. At least many of the actors are still active – Tim DeKay (who now stars in “White Collar”), Amy Madigan, Cleo Duvall, Clancy Brown is everywhere, etc.

    I had the same experience with a Showtime series called “Huff” with major stars including Blythe Danner (who won an Emmy the last year), Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria, & Paget Brewster. It was suddenly canceled only to be replaced by “Dexter”, which I refused to watch on principle until I discovered how great that series is.

    TV is pretty limited for me. I TiVO a lot and never watch most unless it’s the few series that I care about. Right now I am a “True Blood” addict. Luv me some Sookie!

    1. I know! They could have at least given us a follow-up movie! It would have been wonderful!

      I remember Huff – it was also very good! I loved the first two seasons of Dexter but somewhere along the way it lost some of it’s magic….

      I love, love, love True Blood! It’s one of those shows I can’t get enough of! It’s so wrong! But! Oh! So Good!

  3. UGH! Now you will have me pondering all day… I remember in my late teens and early 20’s always being so upset that a show ended that I loved (usually the ones where my mom & I were probably the only two people that watched them), but for the life of me, I can’t think of any now. Oh, and I am superstitious too. I never tell my bad dreams because they may come true. I did once, and it did…

    1. LOL! I remember being in my teens and being heart broken over My So Called Life! whatever happened to Jordan Catilano? Sigh!

      I’m a firm believer in refraining from telling your dreams until after breakfast! It’s very bad luck if you don’t follow the rules 🙂

  4. That happens to me all the time! Have you ever watched “firefly”? It was only one season but sooo good. How about “Alias”? That one went on for 5 or 6 seasons. Awesomeness. How about “Mad Men”? I haven’t seen that but it’s on my list to watch. And one of my all time favorites, Gilmore Girls. Man, I could watch all 7 or so seasons of that again.

    1. I’m adding Firefly to my list! It’s been mentioned several times. I will have to check it out!

      I loved Alias! and the Gilmore Girls love, love, and loved! I see a Gilmore Girls marathon in my future 🙂

  5. I was sad that Seinfeld ended, as well as Wired. I didn’t start watching Wired until a few years had passed since it had aired. It was one of The. Best. Series. Ever.

    Oh, and how could I forget Medium? I was shocked when that show ended a couple of months ago. It was pure cruelty. 🙂

  6. For me it was Twin Peaks – yanked unceremoniously before it could even begin to come to a reasonable ending (not that it probably would have ever reached one). But in the end, its abrupt end just added to its very weird mystique.

      1. Not necessarily – you can always claim you discovered it on DVD long after the original air dates – kind of like with Carnivale.

  7. Oh wait – I see – you have a cassette – yes, I’m afraid that does date you. At least it’s not an 8-track.

  8. Now I am really sad. This looks like an awesome show and it was long over before I even heard of it! I love the creepy stuff too, even if it does give me nightmares.

    Men. What do they know?

    1. LOL! Men know what we tell them :O

      It is a wonderful show! If you can catch it with Shaw, netflix, or DVD! Pick it up! It’s very additictive, well written, superb cinematography, and a fantastic cast. You will love it! Just don’t get to attached it ends after season 2 😦

  9. for some reason I have the WORST luck with tv shows! Every season when they release new shows, I ALWAYS get “hooked” on whatever show inevitably ends up getting cancelled! Hate it!

    1. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world! They get you hooked, you have your weekly evening escape planned for the next few months, and then they pull it! I think it’s the TV execs cruel joke on all of us little people…

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