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Getting a Little Spring Back in My Step!

I woke up this morning dreading the St. Patrick’s day run! The sky was dark and there was a slight chill in the air. I wondered if this was an ominous sign? I haven’t run in over two and a half weeks and was clueless to how much conditioning I had lost in that time and was fearful of wheezing  to the finish line. So, I dropped out of 10km and moved to the 5km run.

I met up with my friend Grace and laughed that we were running in a winter wonderland on the first day of spring. We walked our way over to the start line and we came up with a game plan.  Our plan was simple it was to run, finish, and not worry about beating our own personal best. It was the no pressure approach that we needed to stick to the race!

Just before the start of the race there was a loud warning over the speaker,’Be careful under the bridge it is icy, I repeat, Under the Bridge is Icy!’

 I looked at Grace and sighed, “Great!”

I was envisioning a loud thud on the ice and once again bruising my tailbone. I  thought of many pillows in my future. However, that was not the case, we took our time on the treacherous ice, we slid, we laughed, and we ran. It was a fun 5km both of us just motivating each other to keep going!

As the snow lightly fell as we admired the winter scenery of the river valley. It was a beautiful morning!  I know it didn’t feel like the perfect first day of spring with a morning full of budding tulips  but on this morning run I did get back the little spring in my step. And that’s all the motivation I needed to keep going!

Our next fun race is this Wednesday night, The Free to Dream 5km, and it’s for a great cause with KidSport! If I can do one race this week – I may as well do another!

What helps to put the spring back in your step and keep you motivated?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. What puts the spring in my step is to see some sunshine. It is missing in action in Minnesota this past week. Hopefully we will get some tomorrow before the rain/snow mix hits us on Tuesday.

    I have little or no energy or motivation on days without sunshine. Congrats on the running. Right now I’m working on walking at least 1 1/2 miles three times a week. It’s all I can fit in my schedule but hope to add more time later.

    1. I know the feeling! I will be so excited to see the snow melt and my tulips begin to burst out of the ground. The weather in Edmonton is never predictable. Last year, it snowed in May (I wanted to cry).

      It’s an awesome goal! Especially for this time of season! My biggest fear is slipping on the ice and breaking a hip! I know once summer arrives we will all be moving to a new beat 🙂

  2. Sometimes it can be hard, but I like to try a couple things: a new running route (maybe someplace scenic, for example), and a new running playlist that I can totally jam out to. Always fun! Also, sometimes when I’m not feeling it I’ll force myself to go to the gym and watch a show while on the treadmill. Makes time go by quick!

    1. The treadmill is my nemesis – I have such a hard time on it! I keep looking at the time, looking at the TV screen, and feel like I’m sweating without reaching a destination. It’s an odd feeling for me!

      I love a new playlist with tons of energy to keep me running especially up the hills! What is your favorite playlist? Or songs that you like to run too?

  3. two races, one week? You go girl! A bright sunny day totally helps put the spring in my step. But, I also get motivated by doing something, anything. I try to do some sort of workout, even if short, before work. If I don’t, I sort of just drag during the day….

    1. It’s all for fun! I’m not worrying about my personal best! It’s been awful to run the snow melts, then it freezes, making the ice extremely slick…So I’m just running without breaking the hip 🙂 You are right I’ve noticed if I don’t do something physical through out the day I feel more tense and the day drags on much longer. It’s nice to be back at it and re-evaluating my goals.

  4. That’s awesome, Victoria! I did the 10k yesterday, and it’s right up there with the most amazing experiences of my life. Hooray for you!

    1. Hooray for you! That’s Awesome!!! It was a beautiful run! if I was on the ball we could have met up for breakfast afterwards… Are you planning on doing another 10km? I’m thinking of signing up for the TRAC in May and the Wild Rose Run in June (the trail is full of beautiful scenery).

      1. You know, I found the trail conditions more terrifying than beautiful 😛 There were a lot of places where it was safer (and faster) to run along the snow-drifts beside the trail, and I saw three people take major spills on the ice – one of whom split his chin and looked like he needed stitches. It was hairy out there!

        I’m doing the Tri-Diva in Airdrie in May (you should, too!). The Wild Rose Run looks awesome, but my son’s birthday party will be that weekend. Do you know of any 10k’s coming up for July?

      2. I know it was pretty slippery! I’m actually surprised that I managed to run without falling :O

        The Tri-Diva looks like fun! And I bet the shopping afterwards at cross iron mills would even be better! I’m thinking of doing either The Canada Day Road Race or The Moose is Loose (trail run through Emily Murphy Park) but I haven’t made a commitment. I’m trying to figure out when we will go camping that month 🙂

  5. Way to go on your race. How gratifying can it be to complete a race and have a grand time! Enjoy the next one tomorrow just as much.

  6. I remember running a 10k in Central Park once upon a time. The forecast was for snow and as the race started, the first few flakes of snow started to fall. By the end of the 10k, which took me an hour, I was covered in snow. You couldn’t tell what color I had on and my eyelashes were snow encrusted. It was the funnest race I ever ran.

    1. I love that description! It must have been a beautiful run in Central Park with the first few flakes of snow. I know I have had a few cold days this year my clothes covered in frost, and the tips of my eyelashes completely white…I always wanted to take a pic just for a joke and say I just finished climbing everest. I find running in some of the worse weather conditions can sometimes be the funnest if you have the right spirit for it!

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