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An Unexpected Trip to Texas: Granny Panties, Barbecue, and Beaches

 We sadly waved au revoir to Florida, boarded our plane, and prepared for a long day in the sky. As our connector flight arrived late in Houston, we rushed to the next gate, only to get there in the nick of time.

I walked up to the stewardess, handed her the boarding pass, she looked, and replied “You don’t have seats. Just wait over here.”

I panicked, “What do you mean we don’t have seats? I checked in this morning!”

“Just wait over here, please.”

I looked at Mr. MBA and the kids wondering what would happen next. We waited, we watched everyone board, and then to my horror the plane took-off without us.

I looked at Mr. MBA “I guess we are not going on that flight. I’ve been patient enough! Go find out what is going on!”

We were informed that they had overbooked the flight. They offered us a two night stay in Houston with the option of travel voucher or cash. I wasn’t feeling the love for Continental at this point and opted for the cold hard cash.

I groaned, knowing this threw an unexpected wrench in our travel plans leaving me with one problem. We didn’t have our luggage, and I didn’t pack underwear in my carry-on. I know this sounds neurotic. But Just on the off chance that security might screen my bag the last thing I want is for some stranger to inspect my hot pink undies in public.

The next morning  we headed to the nearest Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities.  As I browsed the underwear department, I opted for seamless hipster brief size Medium. The picture on the packaging made it look like the perfect fit.

But pictures can be deceiving, when we arrived back to the hotel; I unwrapped the package, and was amazed by the size of my undies. These were no Hipster Briefs these were in fact the elusive Granny Panty.

Mr. MBA chuckled, “You’re not going to wear those are you?”

“Do I have any other option?”

And with that I put on the larger than life panty, folded it over once, so it wouldn’t bunch over my skirt, and headed out for an afternoon of exploration in Texas.

It was a fantastic afternoon, hitting up Kemah Boardwalk, riding the rickety roller coaster, and walking on the quiet beaches of Galveston.

However, my granny panties were tormenting me with wedgies, and weaselling its way out of the top of my skirt. They had a mind of their own and were having their way with me!

That was of course until I discovered Texas BBQ! Oh! My word! Everything is bigger in Texas from the steak to the armadillo eggs, to the juicy ribs. My mouth watered with the excitement of every meal! I did my best to win the battle of the bulge, control what I ate, watch for signals of fullness from my belly, but the portions were huge, and the food was just sooo hot diggity good!

 My butt had been expanding with every drop of food I ate but the granny panty gave me room to grow. They were much more forgiving than attempting to squeeze into my usual hipster’s. It was at that moment I made amends with the granny panty. I realized it was my comforting friend from home and not my evil enemy!

It was in Texas that we enjoyed southern hospitality, beautiful beaches, good looking cowboys (there’s just something about the way they say the word  darlin’), and my new found love for barbecue. I definitely want to go back to explore the state! 

So you can count on the next time I`m in Texas I’ll be bringing my new friend granny with me. It`s all because the food is just too good and I will need room to expand!

Have you ever had unexpected delay in your travel plans?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

18 replies

  1. UGH! You poor thing…. I would have freaked when I saw the plane leave… I always think of things like that, and that is why I try to always only use carry-on… Something similar, but different happened with us. Marc had a meeting in Bermuda. Our plane taxied to the runway and Marc fell fast asleep. Next thing we knew, they announced there was mechanical issues and that the flight was canceled. Poor Marc woke up when we reached the gate and he thought we were in Bermuda. As he marveled how quick the flight was, I filled him in. They had room for our entire plane to go on the night flight (am I the only one who questions the mechanical issues?), but we would have reached Bermuda too late for his meetings. Since the next few days were going to rain, we decided to just postpone the trip for a few weeks. So, about three hours after we left our house, we returned home carrying our bags. One of my neighbors asked where we went to, and with a straight face, I replied, “the airport”

    1. It was the worse feeling in the world! I never thought we would be bumped…But they did reimburse a nice sum and flew us home first class. One of the customer service reps was amazing it made up for all the other bad apples (that I didn’t mention in the post).

      Hahaha! That’s hilarious! Poor marc! I would have done the exact same thing…:O

  2. Still laughing – what a great souvenir of a great surprise visit.
    Of course, my husband wouldn’t have been seen in public with me if I was wearing such a garment, because it would be enough that he KNEW. This probably qualifies as “too much information” but as this is a post about underwear, I figure it’s all right.

    1. It is the perfect souvenir! I’m thinking all three might be big enough to make a tent for our summer camping trip!

      Husbands are funny creatures…Mr. MBA was appauld that I purchased such a thing! Luckily, he didn’t have to wear them…Now that would be a funny story 😉

  3. I have little (none) tolerance for aborted travel plans. But, how grand that you landed in Galveston and the Clear Lake area! I lived there (not an easy place to live) for several years as an adult, but more importantly spent many childhood summers on that muddy beach with my Grandmother and Mom. Memories…
    Bar-b-q, owww my mouth is watering. Next time you are there go to Queen’s Barbecue on 35th and Avenue S. Damn, gotta go eat something now…

    1. It was a very frustrating experince! But we were told by the customer service that they do it all of the time and we shouldn’t have been surprised…Since that was the case I informed her it would be the last time I flew with continental…

      But it was wonderful to make the most of the situation and explore a little bit of texas. Galveston is a neat spot and the kids loved the beach:) However, you would have to be resilient to live there just to deal with the hurricanes. I couldn’t even imagine…I’m writing that spot down! Anything with the word Queen in it has got to be good!

  4. Sorry about the change in plans. I hate to tell you this but all airlines overbook flights. If your first flight had been on time I doubt you would have been bumped. Checking in doesn’t prevent getting bumped if you’re not at the gate in time and no airline holds flights nowadays due to complaints about delays. At least you got decent compensation though – that was more than some carriers offer.

    Anyhoo – next time you’re stuck in Houston, give me a hollar! This is my hometown. The cowboys were because of the Rodeo is in town.

    1. We were very lucky to be reimbursed!

      I thought of you when we were in town and almost contacted you! But I wasn’t sure if you would have been up to meeting for coffee…Now, I know! And the next time we are in town we are going out for ribs 🙂 We thought of going to the rodeo but were tired from the crowds of disney. I kind of regret not going but had a fun time just exploring the landscape 🙂

  5. Sorry about the botched travel plans, but I’m glad you had a chance to try out some genuine Texas BBQ! Sounds like you made the most of your unexpected little Texas delay : )

  6. I just found your blog, I think via the Fit Academic! OMG haha about the granny panties! I have no qualms at all about putting my thongs right on top of my carry-on. The more awkward I can make those TSA people feel, the better! I thought about hooking one end of my bra to the lid of my suitcase, and one end to the bottom, so when they open it, my bras would all open up on display.

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