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Snorkel Time in St. Thomas

On our fourth day the cruise ship arrived at St. Thomas. It was the morning I had been waiting for and was extremely excited to hop off the Stifling of the Seas.  As we docked at port, I ran, grabbing my bag, sprinting down the stairs, ready to exit the ship!

We knew time was not an option so we booked a snorkel excursion, it was a sailing tour which took us to  turtle cove.  I love to swim and I am fish in the water.  I was eager to snorkel and check out the beautiful coral which rested at the bottom of the cove.

It was a fantastic afternoon of sailing, snorkeling, and enjoying the side effects of rum punch. Our tour guides were spectacular a group!  We spotted several sea turtles, a sting ray, beautiful array of fish, and one barracuda.It was one of the best snorkeling excursions that we have ever taken and enjoyed every moment in the water.

I found the sight of the barracuda a little off-setting as he happily swam about around us. I wasn`t testing the limits of this toothy fishes limits and  wasn`t snapping a photo. I kept my distance and went in the opposite direction.

As I begun to swim away, staring at the vastness of  the ocean, my thoughts shifted to the Discovery Channels Shark Week. I began to recall that sharks ate sea turtles. But I remembered it was  only two in the afternoon so they wouldn`t even be thinking about supper  until at least four o`clock.

I then thought of the  woman from shark week, wasn’t she out with a snorkel group, and a shark came out of nowhere and bit her in the butt. I calmed myself again because this happened in South Africa. You are bound to be bitten by something there…

 As, I swam underwater,  I began to think he  could be lurking anywhere, stalking us at this very moment…It was at that moment I decided my paranoia was getting the best of me. So I concocted a plan!

 I swam over to Mr. MBA , remembering sharks like to stalk the loner of the group. If I stuck with Mr. MBA,  I would be safe, and with that I was glued to his side. Besides, if the shark was going to  choose one of us for a chomp down he would go for the biggest rump roast…

It was with that I happily  snorkeled  until it was time to go! I was in my glory and didn’t want to leave! But then the rum punch called my name, I climbed back onto the sailing vessel, ready to head back to the island and explore a little bit more of St. Thomas.

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  1. I love St. Thomas! Reminds me of Hawaii. And snorkeling is one of my favorite salt water activities. Your pictures are great, the description is a hoot read! Shark week – loved it!

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