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Two Bobble Heads and One Rumpus Injury in the Bahamas

The second morning of our cruise  I woke up at six in the morning! Ready for my run! I ran up the steps to the track! Only to gaze at the beautiful sunrise over Coco Cay. It was the perfect start to my relaxing day and it was dream not to run on the icy streets of Edmonton.

It was only after my delightful warm sweaty run – I ran back to the room and wrestled Mr. MBA out of bed!

“We’re here! We’re here get up!”

“It’s seven!”

“So! Get up! You can sleep on the beach!”

  I wanted off the ship! And ensured by getting up early we were  to be the first to be tendered out to this little tiny island of paradise. We wandered off the boat, headed to barefoot beach, it was secluded, and we quietly lounged the entire morning far from the crowds of people.

It was after this morning of relaxation we opted for  the Jet ski tour!  We arrived the Jet ski hut and were ushered into a room with seven other people. It was there we were given the run down on  jet ski safety.

Our guide warned us the water would be bumpy! I thought bumpy! Gesh! It’s always been fast and smooth when we went out on the river or lake. I never estimated how bumpy it could get…

We hopped on the jet ski, following our guide, as we left the island , we headed towards our ship and making our way to the back of the island. As, we hit the swells, Mr. MBA  pushed the jet ski to its limits. I cursed, swore, and held on for dear life as we bobbed up through the air.

As we pulled up to our guide, I could see he was laughing at us, and referred to us as two bobble heads, bobbing up in down in the distance. I was not amused…

 He then lured us around the island, where it was smooth skiing, fast, and fun.  We hit the turns hard and had an amazing time! I didn’t want the fun to stop!

That was until the guide informed us that we would be going back the way we came and if we thought it was bumpy before be prepared for even more jumps. My stomach lurched!  I looked at Mr. MBA, “You better go easy on me!”

And with that we took off, hitting the swells, at one point, we were off the waves, and ten feet in the air.I held on for dear life, and as I landed half on the seat, I felt a sudden pain shooting up my rumpus.

I let out a few loud explicit words and  knew from the crushing pain I had bruised my tailbone.

Mr. MBA ” Stop swearing at me!”

“I’m not! I hurt my butt!”

“You what?”

“It’s my tailbone!  I landed on it the wrong way!”

I could feel tears swelling in my eyes and just wanted a rum punch to take away the pain. My arms were sore, and I was getting tired of holding on. All I could think was ten more minutes and we would be back on land. It was a long ten minutes, I  cursed the swells, I cursed my husband, I cursed the jet ski instructor, and wondered how I would numb the pain of my rumpus!

The moment we got back, I wobbled off the jet ski, headed straight for the bar, one sore tailbone was not going to slow me down. I had my own medicine! And it’s known as Rum Punch! One, two, three, I was in the warm sun and feeling no pain.

 Mr. MBA warned me to go easy on the drinks.

I looked at him, “Easy! Easy on the drinks? Maybe you should have been easy on me?”

And with that I ordered a fourth!

Since, the jet ski incident I avoid hard chairs, and sit with cushioned pillow.  It has been almost three weeks and I have been patiently waiting for my rumpus to heal.

I still  wonder if my bruised tailbone, was worth the bumpy ride?  But I know  it could have been worse… I could have injured it slipping on the ice while forcing myself to run in this  cruel weather. It’s always good to have a little perspective! And right now as I look out my window, gazing at the bleak landscape, all I  wish is to be  back in the Bahamas nursing my  bottom  with another rum punch.

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. I would have had 4 drinks too! And while you may not be in a tropical location, there should be no reason to stop drinking your rum punch… You can whip up a batch and pretend…. Or just whip up a batch and enjoy!

      1. I hear you… that is usually our night, although last night we mixed it up a bit with margaritas by the fire…. It’s hard to leave those tropical places!

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