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The Magic Kingdom: Full of Laughter and Coke Floats

We followed the rules of the Disney Junkie and arrived early at the Magic Kingdom.  In our high spirits of expecting  an eventful day, we avoided the crowds of the monorail, and we opted for the quiet ferry-boat across the lagoon enjoying the morning view. As we arrived at the gates, security checked our bags, and we then made our way into this merry dream world.

The kids were awestruck by this magical playground! And we were are all ready for a full day of fun! 

Our first stop was Frontier Land were we hit the rails of thunder mountain. We laughed, and screamed our way on its wild railroad track.

The next stop was splash mountain and unfortunately I squealed as we plummeted down into the water; getting an ice-cold splash of reality. It took over an hour to dry out and I was a sopping wet mess.

As wet as I was…I was feeling nostalgic and the moment I saw “It’s a Small World” I knew I had to seize the opportunity and make my little men relive the magic of the globalized doll world.  I knew they would never go on this ride if they knew that it  truly was.. .

What was I to do? I betrayed their trust in me and I lied to them. I told their excited eyes it was a water roller coaster. It was only half way through the ride, they caught on and were not impressed with my shenanigans. They both groaned  in disbelief and couldn’t believe that I would lie to them about such a big thing!

I laughed at them and swore it was the best prank ever. The look on their faces will be entrenched in my memory forever. But karma always bites you in the butt!  

As the ride seemed to slowly go on, and on forever… I  began to feel as if I was in trapped in a doll maker’s fantasy for over an eternity. I sincerely apologize to  my mother for making her go on it with me at least a dozen times when I was a child. 

After all of the (cough) fun at It’s a Small World we than made our way over to Space Mountain. I opted out just for the sheer thought of being in the dark with no control on a roller coaster. I thought it was best to leave it to the big boys! And from the looks of things it was a huge success…

The kids had a fantastic day and I enjoyed every single enthusiastic minute. It was around three by the time we finished exploring the park and decided to head back to our digs for a swim.

Unfortunately, we got caught in the parade full of princesses and princes. My boys were not impressed but grumbled through it as we drank our coke floats.

The Magic Kingdom was surprisingly a wonderful time for the whole family. And we enjoyed every Disney minute!

 However, my son  suspects that the hitchhiker that hopped on our ride in the Haunted Mansion is now sleeping in his closet. I guess we will never escape the Disney Magic or its ghosts!

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  1. When I was 5 and we went to Disneyland I made my family go on “it’s a small worl” like 5 times!!! By the end my Grandma was the only one who would go with me. My poor parents!

  2. You are evil! I love it! I could just imagine their faces when they realized what you did! It sounds like such a fun trip. I love space mountain! I only went to Disney for 1 day in my entire life…. I need to borrow someone’s kids….

    1. I am very evil! The looks on their faces was priceless :O My favorite was definitely Thunder Mountain – it had everything I wanted in a roller coaster! I ‘m just not brave enough for Space Mountain…Also, you don’t need kids for Disney there were tons of couples having a good time!

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