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Superstitions and Heart Break

As I finished “The Road to Damascus” the 18th episode of Carnivale on digital cable. It was with suspicion I sensed season 2 was coming to an end. Carnivale had become my first love this past month. I couldn’t bare to part with the sinister plot line.  I couldn’t contain myself! I wanted to […]

Back to Basics

The day we arrived home I was eager to get back into my daily workout routine! However the weather was uncooperative, and my motivation quickly dwindled to the joy of TV. At the start of this New Year  I vowed to run a 10 km this upcoming Sunday but now sadly my […]

Snorkel Time in St. Thomas

On our fourth day the cruise ship arrived at St. Thomas. It was the morning I had been waiting for and was extremely excited to hop off the Stifling of the Seas.  As we docked at port, I ran, grabbing my bag, sprinting down the stairs, ready to exit the ship! […]