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Ouch! Beware of the Never Bite!

In my early twenties, I was a naive know it all, smug, and probably a tad bit condescending. It was in those days that I lived for the moment, back-packed, travelled, and enjoyed the free life. It was also in those days – that I was a travel snob.

If you were sitting next to me at a pub you would have at one time or another hear me utter the words “I would never do an all-inclusive vacation.” Or gasp at the notion at spending time and money on Disney World. How could anyone do such a thing?

Once discussing this topic with a close friend, as  I sipped my pint of Picaroons, “Please! If  I ever have children you will never ever catch us at Disney World.”

Now all of those grand statements of ” I would never” have come back to bite me right in the butt! Something happens when you have children, sleep deprivation, responsibility, and lack of time.

It was after the birth of our second son my husband suggested an all-inclusive to Cuba. I was leery of the idea…But at the same time sun, sand, and an open bar seemed to be tempting.The moment we took our first package destination that involved luggage and not a back pack. I knew I had to bite on my words…

 It was this  year we decided it was time to go to Orlando and explore the magic of Disney.  Gasp! My twenty year old self is rolling over on the bar floor groaning at this current moment!

It is at this moment  that I feel thrilled to share this vacation with my kids and enjoy it through their ever-increasing excitement.  Of course,it`s not Paris or Greece! But heck it`s Disney World! I`ve plotted everything down to the minute, and don`t even get me started about Islands of the Adventure and Universal studio (can you say Harry Potter and Jaws).

Life is unexpected, and the best thing about kids is it snaps you out of your early twenty self.  I `ve learned my lesson to” never say never” because those words will come back to prove a point  that your smug previous self was all wrong.

Has the word “Never” ever bitten you in the butt?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. It’s bitten everybody that can speak english and make “non-plans”. My worst one is probably (let me think…) work a job that requires a tie again. My first “Tie-jobs” were dead-end call-centers, and just last year I got a job in a hotel, and it’s actually a great place to work. Think of all the complains I “never” would have heard.
    just kidding about the complaints.

    1. Oh! The Omnious Blood-Sucking Call Centre attempting to suck your soul right out from under you. Complaints at a hotel? Never would I imagine such a thing :O I do believe the never bite is one of the most infectious the human species must combat with their tongue on a daily basis…

  2. Your words did bite back at you. Oh well such is the wisdom of the ages. You sound like you were pretty adventurous in your twenties. I on the other hand had no “buddy” to travel with and I was petrified with fear to travel alone. I too did Disneyland and World with the hubby and kids. I loved every minute of it. I relived a childhood that never went to Disney parks. Sadly, my children remember very little of the trips. BUt I had a fabulous time.

    1. I love a good adventure! And I`m very much looking forward to the Disney Trip! I hope the kids love it and have a fantastic time. However, I hope they remember the highlights of the trip when they are older. I`ll have my fingers crossed…

  3. I once said, “I will never own a minivan.” We held out for 7 years and decided it was too difficult to carry 2 kids + friends + gear in our Corolla. I’ll get my small car back eventually.

    1. Oh! Our first car was a Corolla! And it was a tank! I loved it! We drove it up to 294,000 km without incident. Our recent family car is a Versa and my “Never buy a mini van” is coming to an end. But the thought of car payments and more money on gas makes me tremble. I’m very frugal when it comes to cars – the one thing that costs a fortune and it has the nerve to depreciate in value.

      So do you love the mini van? Do you enjoy the extra room? Comfort? I maybe joining you on the dark side with a station wagon….

    1. LOL! I still say I will never drive a mini van or station wagon but the kids are getting bigger, sports equipment is getting bigger, etc. and my little versa only seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Guess what! I’m eyeing a station wagon! Oh! It looks so comfortable and roomy…So, I guess that will be another never bite for me.

      So, do you love your station wagon? Was it worth the never bite?

  4. Have a wonderful trip to Disney… I heard a commercial on the radio yesterday on my way to work for Disney, and all I could think of was I wish I could borrow some kids so I had an excuse to go! I think we all had the word “never” bite us in the butt. I know I have a lot, but it is early…so, I can only think of two… A fun one is, I thought I would never stop coloring my hair blond. But, 10 years after I started, I stopped. A serious one is I never thought I would want to get married….well, that one sure changed….

    1. It took kids to make me realize how much fun I would miss if we didn’t go… we are all looking forward to it 🙂 Ha! Ha! The Never bug did bite you in the butt – you are now very much a married burnette. You can blame Marc for that bite but I bet he’s worth every never you ever said 🙂

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