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The Smell of Papaya (code for stinky feet)

My friend Grace, recently, gave me the gift of warmth, relaxation, and the smell of Papaya.  It was one of those gifts which you smile and kindly say, thank you!  But at the same time  thinking  – Dear God! You are going to make me self reflect in 90 minutes of silence doing  Bikram Yoga!  How can I […]

The Buffoon

Over the holiday season my mother dragged me to every mall and outlet store within the city limits of Edmonton. We shopped, shopped, and shopped some more. On one of our particular trips we headed to the West Edmonton Mall. It was busy, over-crowded, and I felt the energy being […]

The Resolution Run

On New Year’s day I participated with over 1700 people in the 5km Resolution Run. A sea of orange jackets took to the streets of Edmonton. All of us with the same goal to kick off 2011 right by completing the 5km run. It was a low-key race, great weather,  no […]