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Let the Good times Roll with a Bang!

  Since, polishing off the turkey, surviving the Boxing Day havoc, I began to clear the presents under the tree. and making room in the cupboard for my new dish set.  As I did this, I glanced to discover my lonely shooting range gift certificate, and glanced at my husband nestled on […]

An Idealistic Christmas List

As, I finish the last-minute wrapping, baking, and dream of boxing day sales. I look forward to a Christmas with an open heart, merriment, and wonder of a child.  And with those child-like eyes I’ve made my own idealistic Christmas list: 1.  End World Hunger 2. Free Effective Health Care for […]

No Excuses

The holiday season has been thrust upon us whether we were ready or not! And many of us are thwarted with the duty of attending the annual Holiday parties and festivities. It’s one of those things I dread, the schmoozing, the small talk, and the awkward pauses in conversations. Some […]

The View from My Rose-Colored Glasses

Once upon a time in a not so distant past, people would go door to door, campaigning for their special charity. Many people would answer their doors to strangers, listen to their cause, and donate a small token. But times have changed. Rarely, people campaign door to door, and rarely people […]