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Running in the Winter

It was just this past summer I developed a new-found love for running. It has slowly become a healthy habit that I enjoy which does not involve a glass of red wine. However, as late fall arrived, so did the cold weather. I made a pact with myself that I would not let the cold weather defeat me. I would embrace the onslaught of this cold winter and run my little heart out.

 I decided the best way to stay motivated was to sign-up for a Running Room Clinic.  Once a week, a group of us meet up for a discussion on running, and then go for a group run. It is this group run which has kept me motivated to maintain my daily runs and to meet my goal to participate in the  New Years Day Resolution Run.

Nop! It's not a Ninja! Just me...

Unfortunately,this last week, the cold weather has hit with a vengeance. But lucky for me – I have been drinking the Running Room kool-aid! I was unsure if I could run in -20 degree weather but our instructor ensured us with the right gear – you can do it!

So, one balaclava, one pair of technical wool socks, one pair of thermal lined mittens, and two base layers of thermal clothing  later. I was ready to hit the snowy trails!

At first, I  was skeptical that I wouldn’t be warm enough, fearful of frost bite, and admit defeat to mother nature.  But after the first ten minutes into my run…I was sweating! I wondered to myself,  how could I have possibly over dressed in -24 degree weather? But I did! I was pleased that I could run 5km in comfort.

I loved every minute of it! It was just me and the open trail. I thought I would be shivering, cranky,  but the peace of this cold morning’s run brought me inner contentment.  I was able to enjoy the snow-covered trees, frosty blue sky,and clear my head from the stress of the week.  It’s the quiet moments, when there is not a soul around, you begin to appreciate the silence, and  rejuvenate your spirit.

I know, to the passers-by in their vehicles,  I may look like a  slow-moving ninja. But too me every penny spent on cold weather gear was worth it! Lookout resolution run! Here I come!

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

12 replies

  1. Oh, I’m jealous. Never in my life have I been a runner… and I really wish it was something that I enjoyed. The picture of you in your running gear… hilarious! Way to go for sticking with it!

  2. I love it! Don’t stop drinking the Kool Aid…. Once you stop doing it, it is so hard to stop…. I am a bad example. I never really loved to run, although I always wanted to love it. I have gotten into it in the past. One summer thru early winter, I really stuck to it…. And then I got cold/lazy, whatever, and never picked it up again. I still exercises a lot, but haven’t really run in years

    1. Oh! I’m beginning to love it! I’m scared if I stop – I won’t be able to start back at in the spring! any fom of exercise is good as long as you enjoy it! I’m planning on attempting hot yoga on my off days but haven’t made it to a session, yet. I think this week well be the week to try something new…I secretly,suspect, I will love it! Especially, to balance all of these cold runs plus it will be nice to wear less clothes :O

  3. I hear you! I just started a jogging club in my hood too. We meet on Saturdays and jog 3 miles. So far it is only 4 of us but it motivates me!

    I’m thinking about a mini-marathon in spring. We’ll see!

    1. Woohoo! That’s awesome! It is really great to run with a fun group to keep you motivated! I find a little laughter gets my mind off the length of the run, and I breathe easier 🙂

      Mini Marathon! You should go for it! I know once I finish this race – I’m aiming for a 10km. I think I can do it!

  4. Gosh that photo made me smile! I love running, but not sure about doing it in such cold weather. My favourite time is in summer, just as it’s going dark, on a really hot day. It’s like taking a sauna with clothes on.

    1. Oh! I love a late summer night run! It is the best feeling in the world and it doesn’t take you 15 minutes to get ready:) The cold weather isn’tso bad if you bundle up and wear the right fibres. You can kick me for saying this but I’m beginning to think it might be mind over matter…But give me another week of this frigid weather and I might be changing my tune :O

    1. LOL! I’m not minding it! I just wish I looked more stylish! You know the perfect pony tail blowing in the wind, stealthy arms, and a nice pair of yoga pants. Unfortunately, I’m sporting ninja garb, and look like a stinky abodinamble snowman by the time I’m done :O But I’ve set this goal in place and am going to stick with it for better or worse…Hopefully, for the better!

  5. That’s awesome, good on you!

    I used to run back in high school. For some reason I found it fun. I’ve wanted to get back into it again but have struggled finding the right motivation. Maybe if I start running with the dog every now and then I will re-kindle my love for the sport?

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