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If it Looks like a Crosswalk, It is a Crosswalk! Imagine that…

Hello Fellow Drivers,

I hope you are enjoying the last beautiful days of fall! As, I walk to school with my children, I’ve noticed many of you speed through the crosswalk zone.  I’m assuming it is  because you must be too busy admiring all of the beautiful fall foliage. So, I just wanted to send out a nice reminder that when you are speeding through a community filled with children , walking to school, that there will be these things called crosswalks. So just in case your brain is fuzzy about this whole crosswalk business.  I looked up the definition for you!

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary – A crosswalk is:

‘a specially paved or marked path for pedestrians crossing a street and road’

Unfortunately from my in-depth crosswalk experience I’ve noticed that you, my fellow driver,  fail to see the children crossing the street on this paved and marked road with a sign that indicates –  it is a crosswalk.!  Yes that marked white sign on the corner of the street indicates the white lines painted across the pavement is indeed a crosswalk. Now it may come to a surprise to you that there is a crosswalk on the street which is the direct pathway to a school, and if you look up from your text messaging you might recognize an abundance of  children walking to this school.

As,  a concerned parent who walks her children to this school every morning, I’ve witnessed some near death experiences with myself and others who attempt to cross this street.  Maybe you are busy texting, slurping on your latte, or slept in late and are now in the mad dash  of your life to get to work on time. But there are other issues at hand like my children and my neighbors children safety.

Perhaps, you could be more alert, remember to stop, let us cross the street, and  then drive on you merry way. It doesn’t hurt to be courteous and it really doesn’t slow you down! So, suck it up and watch how you drive. Winter is coming, roads will become icy, and it will be that much harder to stop. So for the safety of the children please be cautions in our school zones, and stop at the frickin’ crosswalk!


Mom Suffering from Crosswalk Rage

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  1. Maybe the drivers are all British, and don’t understand the term “crosswalk.” Perhaps if they were referred to as “zebra crossings” everyone would be safer. Because, you know, it’s so hard to understand that the term “crosswalk” means “a place where people who walk cross the street.”

    Or maybe they think it’s some sort of Christian thing. Really, don’t be so harsh on the ignorant. That’s MY job.

    1. Perhaps, they are all British, all enraptured in reading there Hello magazines while they drive 🙂 Who knows? But I do like the idea of a zebra crossing. Or, maybe a baby seal crossing? Everyone loves a Baby Seal! Perhaps, Sir Paul could come protest on my street!

  2. It’s one thing to be an inconsiderate ass at a cross walk in the parking lot at a store or mall. There is a whole new level of ass-ness going on when people aren’t being considerate of school children. Perhaps you should commission a sign by these crosswalks. The sign will need to be enormous and be covered in neon light and read, “Slow down and allow the children to cross the street or Santa will be notified that you are a jerk!”

  3. Wow, you really are asking for a lot… You expect the drivers to actually pay attention to the road, AND the crosswalks, AND not kill anyone while they are busy texting, slurping on their latte, or making up for sleeping late? Whoa.. That is a lot to ask…

    Doesn’t it amaze you what people actually do behind the wheel? My favorite was driving next to someone eating a bowl of soup. They were holding the bowl in one hand, the spoon in the other, and were steering with their knee

    1. You know, you have to have a bit of understanding. Where else can these people pick their noses? Certainly not at work, where their hands must hold coffee mugs. Nor at home, where they hold the TV remote. Only somewhere in between, obviously.

    2. LOL! I didn’t know that was possible! I wonder if they spilt any of their soup? Sounds like an expensive dry cleaning bill 🙂

      I know I am asking alot…How hard is it to actually pay attention to the road?

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