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Inappropriate Movies My Parents Let Me Watch as a Child

 As the excitement of Halloween begins to build momentum, the return of the horror movie genre hits us with full force, and fear fest seems to be on every channel.  It makes me reflect at the wonderment of my childhood.  It was in Grade 2 my parents purchased their first VCR. It was an exciting time for all of us!  Unfortunately, with two teenage sisters, nobody ever really wanted to watch “The Muppets Go to Hollywood.” 

 It was my dad who was in charge of movie night.  He had two headstrong teenage girls to contend with and me.  Unfortunately, I was never as wily as my sisters which meant my dad would always cave to their selection of slasher and action movies.

 This was bad news. No seven-year old child with an over active imagination should ever watch Friday the 13th. I still have a fear of eating bananas with my back to great wide open spaces.

 I wonder if these movie choices are what made me the neurotic being I am today?  So, much to my mother’s horror, I made a list of inappropriate movies that I watched in my early years which may have hindered my childhood development.

  1.  Deliverance. Up to this day I cannot stand the sound of banjo music, Burt Reynolds’s moustache, and creepy red necks.  However, it has prepared me to run.  My husband and I once crossed through a shady village on the border of Maine and Quebec.  We stopped for gas.  One of the trucker’s at the gas stop looked to his friend and said “Wouldn’t you like to eat that little rump roast?”  I took that as a sign, remembered the distinct horrors of Deliverance, locked the door, and made my husband drive off as fast as Steve McQueen. 
  2.  Jaws.  Needless to say to this day when I’m swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean I have visions of Jaws popping out of the water and devouring me whole. It’s even a more unsettling feeling in tropical waters especially when a big fish nudges you on foot. It’s then you let out a little scream and scramble out of the water with your bikini top half off. Not that this has ever happened to me…
  3.  Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome. As a child, my parents had the Pierre Burton dream, and we drove across Canada.  I watched Mad Max before this eventful trip, and every time I saw a gang of bikes, I thought I was a goner, it would be the end for us all, and I would begin my escape plan. Usually, this plan involved me hiding underwater in the hotel pool. It was the only place I felt safe…
  4.  Nightmare on Elm Street. I did not sleep for months in fear of Freddy. Enough said!
  5. Friday 13th part 2, I have never looked at a banana  the same way again!

Oh! And my parent’s friend were no better! They let us watch Sleep Away Camp! And from that day on I always remembered to turn off my curling iron.

Now, looking back, I wonder what a childhood development specialist would say about this list.  I wonder if this fuelled the fire for my fear of things that go bump in the night?  And maybe it explains why I, now, yelp every time Nancy Grace jumps out of the screen while I’m watching Joy Behar? It is because of this; I firmly believe a little censorship for children is truly good for the soul.

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12 replies

  1. Giggle. My parents were pretty careful about the “violent” movies, but they DID take me to see “the best little whorehouse in Texas” in the theatre. I was 5. My husband however saw jaws as a small child, and then friends of his had a poster in the bathroom of Jaws coming out of the toilet, and he was afraid to sit on the toilet for weeks.

    1. LOL! I don’t blame him! I totally would have been the same way! My sisters once told me that Baby Aligators could crawl up the toilet and bite me in the butt. Needless, to say I was watching over my shoulder the whole time I was on the can :O

  2. I feel your pain! Haha – I was the youngest of 4 kids, so by the time I came around, my parents didn’t really pay much attention to what we were watching. I must say that seeing Stephen King’s Pet Sematary at 6 years old (and the nightmares I had because of it) still stands out as one of the most vivid memories of my childhood. I can’t that creepy little Gage kid’s face out of my head to this day….*shivers* I also think Arachnophobia at age 5 deserves an honorable mention.

    1. Oh poor you! I still remember Pet Cemetary and the horrible achilles tendon scene! Oh! I just got shivers! He was a creepy little guy…The only good thing that came out of that movie was the Ramones song 🙂

  3. To this day I have not seen Deliverance-not sure I should 😉 I watched the Exorcist for the 1st time when I was 15 while babysitting one New Years Eve. OMG! I was TERRIFIED!
    I had every light on in that house!
    Good memories. I just rewatched Poltergeist…that was fabulous.

    I think we turned out just fine LOL!! 🙂

    1. LOL! You are right we did turn-out fine.
      I remember watching Exorcist and then tuning into either 20/20 or Prime Time live where they followed a priest doing real live exorcism’s. I didn’t sleep for weeks and even placed the rosary under my pillow. The last time I had every light on in the house was after the Blair Witch Project – I wouldn’t camp for the rest of the summer :O

  4. I saw Jaws for the first time as an adult, and I’m still having nightmares about the chum scene. I think I would have been (even more) scarred for life, had I seen it in my youth.

  5. When I was three, I spent the night at grandmas. When she fell asleep with the TV on HBO, I stayed awake and watched. I must have thought it was a kid’s movie because it was about a doll. Then it ended up being Child’s Play. I was traumatized.

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