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Trash Talk Tuesday – Give me a Bonk on the Head for being a Lazy Ass!

So, last week I made a pact with myself to recycle! In the past, I have made a handful of excuses, such as: the effort of separating the trash, storing 3 different garbage cans while maintaining some form of continuity in the kitchen, and the additional effort of training my obstinate husband. All seemed like daunting chores! But now, I recognize what a true lazy ass I had become… I rolled up my sleeves and began my quest to become a green machine vixen.

First on my agenda was to find the perfect garbage can for my little kitchen. I searched high and low for a dual trash can which separates wet and dry garbage. My only luck was at Home Outfitters in which  they sold a Simple Human stainless steel trash can for one hundred dollars. Excuse me! A hundred dollars. I don’t even spend that on a good pair of jeans.

So, I opted for a tiny trash can in similar size to match my regular stainless steel can. It looks fine! And it was much easier to get everyone on board. The kids were a  cake walk, my husband grumbled for the first day but  is now reluctantly on board…I think he may had the impending fear that I would begin putting yogurt containers through the dishwasher. Luckily, for us I’m not that type A.

Plus, the City of Edmonton makes it a cake walk to recycle! They take just about almost anything and I have a swanky template on my fridge for the kids to determine what goes where…

So yes, recycling , was easie peasie, and I have no idea why I wasn’t doing this before!

One question for all you green machine vixens – What’s the easiest way to clean out a T-disc? Or do they belong in the wet trash? Right now, I’m  currently rethinking my latte addiction, since I go through six pods a day. And man they can add-up. I wonder if I could survive on one coffee a day? There must be benefits. Right?

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  1. Thankfully we don’t have to sort our recycling for trash pickup. I do put all the paper in a separate bin to take to our elementary school for the Paper Retriever. They get paid per pound of paper the company collects to recycle.

    I don’t do much other than the standard recycling though.

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