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Sorry Sunday from Atlantic Canada

Ahhh! The end of school, the bustle of Canada Day, long flights, and the starting point of vacation has made for a long week. I have neglected my blog but have been enjoying life to the fullest! Maybe just a little too much…

So here is my very late Sorry Sunday from my home in the heart of Atlantic Canada. However, some could debate New Brunswick as the arm pit of the Maritime’s. But to me I’m home and I love it!

1. My apologies to Jian Ghomeshi for poking fun at his guest appearance on The City. What I thought was funny, you mistook for cynical.  Thank you for the DM to set the record straight – it was the City not the Hills and it was all for the benefit of Lights.  I will now eat my humble pie  and reflect before I tweet. But  it’s nice to know you acknowledge all of us little people in your twitterverse.

2. I just spent two hours of pure hell negotiating with Travelocity. Did I mention all of their call centres are in India? And no one was very  keen to resolve the issues I was having with a reservation.

So, on that note, I’m sorry to the young man in which I raised my voice and exclaimed, ” Can you speak off the script? Or direct me to someone in North America?” I realize I was harsh, you only make 1600 rupees a month, and Travelocity needs to reevaluate its customer service policies.  I should be directing my anger to Travelocity and not you. I’m sorry. But could you please direct me to the proper supervisor in North America?

3. I’m sorry to my body and I have let you down. So far since being home I have ingested a slider, greasy bag of fish n’ chips, a large donair pizza, and the most divine poutine.  I’ll be back on salads in a week. I promise!

4. My apologies to the cougars last night who kept giving me the stink eye. Yes, my boobs are real! And I love my girls!

5.  I had the best time with my most dearest friend last night. We ran into so many people from our past at the local pub. It was nice to see so many familiar faces. The sad part is everyone we met is home visiting and the future of the town is aging.

On that note, it’s nice to be back, the seafood, the Picaroons, the music, and all of the familiar faces. This week has been eventful and I look forward to many more adventures.

Thanks for letting me vent on this Sorry Sunday! How many “Hail Mary’s” am I up to this week? I’m beginning to lose count!

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