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Sorry Sunday – A Dedication to My Father

On Mother’s Day I wrote my mom a note “Happy Mother’s Day!  Confessions from Your Charming Brat!” It was about all the horrible things I did that she suspected but could never prove in our humble family kitchen court. Since it is Father’s Day I would like to do the same for my dad. Unfortunately, he is up in that card playing table in heaven and couldn’t be with us on this lovely day. So, I decided to dedicate this Sorry Sunday to him. It’s all about his silent suspicions  he had about me but always took the blame to ensure a calming weekend of peace from his teenage daughter and wife.

Shall we begin?

Dear Dad,

1. Remember when Mom always told me not take the car across the narrow bridge. Well I did anyway! It was only a few days later you noticed the paint scratched off the side of the car. I argued with you with such great vigor until you were convinced it was you who did it! Well! Now you know it wasn’t your forgetful age that made you hit the bridge, it was me!

2.Do you remember the morning a case of beer went missing and Mom blamed  you for it! You didn’t say a word or point the finger. You took the blame like a man. Well! Guess What? It was me! I  stole  the case the previous  night for a really fun beach party.  However, I suspected you knew. You alway picked your battles wisely,you realized taking the fall was the easy way out, ensuring your own peace and quiet on that lovely Sunday afternoon. But I still felt guilty. So sorry!

3. As a teenager I always scoffed at your advice about Mom and her alien ways. I secretly, listened, figured out how to talk to her, by the time I was twenty, I realized she was great! Thanks!

4.  I use to love to test your political will even when I agreed with you! Remember our argument over Paul Martin and the Gomery inquiries. I took Martin’s side. Your face went red and you told me off  with gusto and retorted “Go eat your fishing chips!” One of the best moments ever! And of course I agreed with you. I just wanted to see what you would say and it made my day!

5. Last but not least, remember the time I was four ,we were at Zellers, and I wanted a chocolate bar? I took too long to decide and ended up with nothing. I went home proclaiming “I was going to purchase a new dad!” I dug out the Sears catalogue to find the perfect replacement but not one held a candle to you. I’m relieved I never found that replacement because without you I would have never had the great adventures and family memories. Thank you for being the best dad in the world! 

 I wish you were with us on Father’s day, celebrating, eating, drinking and playing catch with your grand children. I just want you to know we love you and miss you! Your spirit will always be alive in our hearts and memories.

Happy Father’s Day! I don’t think the confessions were too  much of a surprise – the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!


Your  Brat

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7 replies

  1. How do you remember so much from your childhood? That amazes me.

    And what a great way to honor your Dad even when he can’t be here with you… love this idea! (if i could remember that much)

    1. Thank you! I’m like an elephant that never forgets 🙂 I always had a journal as kid and wrote everything down. The memories never left and luckily stayed with me. But ask me to remember dates or numbers and I am clueless :O

  2. like! very much. Okay I’ve been on Facebook too much today. I wish I had these specific memories to share about my dad. Many of them are already written and much of my feelings about him are ambivalent, changed by some of his choices later in life…. But this IS beautiful.

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