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The Cure for Bitter Housewife Syndrome

It was one of those busy non-stop errand running and taxi service days. I had an hour to get to soccer and feed the kids. It is at those pivotal moments that fast food comes in handy and quick. So, we scurried off to Wendy’s digesting our greasy, non-organic hamburgers and fries. We hopped back in the car and away our merry caravan went off into the frenetic city streets.

My son was overjoyed with the CD he received from his kids meal, “Mom! Can we listen to this?”

I attempted to show enthusiasm, “Yay! A Mini-Pops CD! I can’t wait to listen to it!”

I was about to go into a spiel about the importance of good music “Back in my day…” sinking  back into my teenage memories of Sonic Youth, clutching the plastic wrapped tape in my hand, playing “Goo” and “Cool Thing” over and over again. Oh! How I loved my pink hair, combat boats, and Ramones t- shirts.

So, as I was about to say “Back in My day…”  I stopped and realized that if I finished this statement I was admitting I was getting older and my Peter Pan ways would have none of that….Instead, I bit my tongue and grimaced  prepared for  the inevitable Barbie Girl or Cotton Eyed Joe to invade my car space.

I slid the CD into the player and with gusto a whole other magical era of the mid-eighties appeared taking me back to my early youth. As soon as I heard the beat, the distinct voice, I knew it was “Somebody’s Watching Me!”  I remembered my grade three dance moves like it was yesterday, and didn’t miss a beat to the song.

So I began to drive with arms flailing, my body having some form of spastic attack, and the children looking at me like their mother had been possessed by some eighties pop god. However, this one song was relief from the monotony of the day and I let my freak flag shine!

 So, if you saw a mad woman in a little car, driving, belting out “Somebody’s Watching Me” to her heart’s content. At the same time exclaiming to her children, “Why aren’t you singing?” It was me!  I will not apologize for my smooth car moves !  It saved my day from bad food, tedious errands, and helped remove the grimace of bitter housewife syndrome.

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Love it!! I’m always surprised to hear songs from my youth presented to my kids as something ‘new’. Surprises the hell out of them when I know all the words already!

  2. My son plays the tuba in his school band. He was practicing, upstairs in his room, for an upcoming concert. I was shocked that the song choices were both 80s and 90s mixed. I found myself singing, out of key and rather loudly, downstairs.

    Fast forward to the band concert. The band teacher is on the stage telling this story of one of his students being in total awe that his mother would know all the words to all the songs he was practicing.

    Here was I, slinking lower and lower in my chair.

    1. Go Mom! That Rocks! It’s great your son was impressed by your musical knowledge and shared it with his teacher. I bet the teacher was also impressed 🙂

      The tuba would be a fantastic instrument to learn – when he practices is it really loud? We’re starting our guys on the piano and I’m hoping for the best!

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