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Bargain Shop Panties! Oh My!

Every once in a blue moon, we put on CBC radio on a Saturday night, and we go out for a late snack. I love Saturday night Blues on CBC.  On this particular outing Little Miss Higgins popped on the radio with Bargain Shop Panties. It’s a fun, innocent, infectious song, which you will be tapping your feet and singing for weeks.

For the full recorded version of the song check-out Little Miss Higgins on CBC Radio 3.

It was to my surprise the little ears in the backseat were listening and began to giggle hysterically.

Robert exclaimed, “Did she just say panties”

Alex face blushed, giggling, “I think she did.”

They giggled, laughed, and giggled some more.

Robert exclaimed, “I can’t wait to tell my friends about it at school!”

I paused for a moment, “It’s probably not a good idea – they might not get the jest of it!”

“They will mom!”

I imagined school yard conversation and cringed.

“I just don’t think it’s a wise idea! Your teacher might not approve.”


The song ended and the boys pretty much laughed themselves to sleep that night.  However, The song is so infectious and catchy – my boys sing it all of the time even at the play park.  It’s at this time I know my mother has gotten retribution for my torment of her granny panty shopping ways.

“Alex could you not sing it here…”


“Some people just don’t like to hear about bargain shop panties?”

“But isn’t that what you wear?”

My face went three cringes of red, as I looked at the parents three feet away from  me(wondering if they were eavesdropping), and wanted to crawl under a hole.

“No it’s not! Why are we having this conversation?”

I walked away, back to the bench, resumed my book, and pretended it was not my child.  I thought to myself karma has a funny way of getting you back, and began to hum a little Bargain Shop Panties.


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  1. I love this song! I’m a blues lovers, this the first I’ve ever heard this one (not that I know all blues). went to CBC3 to hear the full version-listening as I type this response.

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