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Sorry Sunday – A Dedication to My Father

On Mother’s Day I wrote my mom a note “Happy Mother’s Day!  Confessions from Your Charming Brat!” It was about all the horrible things I did that she suspected but could never prove in our humble family kitchen court. Since it is Father’s Day I would like to do the same for my dad. Unfortunately, […]

Channelling My Inner Rocky

It’s getting close to summer vacation and I’m dreading sliding my butt back into my bikini.  I will be truthful I’m not the most coordinated lady on the block and running to me is the black plague.  So, how do you solve a problem for the uncoordinated nerd? You solve it […]

Who Speaks for the Children?

Last night, we left the sweltering heat of the football stadium ready for the hike back to our car on 97th Street.  We took a shortcut, wandering down a nearby avenue, my heart deflated, a young girl, unsupervised with matted hair, filthy, in nothing but a day old pull up diaper.  […]

Bargain Shop Panties! Oh My!

Every once in a blue moon, we put on CBC radio on a Saturday night, and we go out for a late snack. I love Saturday night Blues on CBC.  On this particular outing Little Miss Higgins popped on the radio with Bargain Shop Panties. It’s a fun, innocent, infectious […]