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A Lesson from Mother Nature

 I had ambitious plans this weekend which included completing my retaining wall, planting my garden, and enjoying a nice Sunday at Elk Island National Park. However, Mother Nature had other plans for me.  I woke up Saturday morning ready to face the day but as I looked out my window. […]

Prince Charming and the Kiss

It was just another average Thursday afternoon for me as I waited for my boys at the bus stop.  But all of that changed as soon my oldest ran off the bus exclaiming “Mom! Guess what?” “What?” My youngest gave Robert the stink eye, “You promised not to tell!” My interest peaked, […]

My Prayer to the Sun Gods

After my imaginary rant with Mother Nature on Sunday morning; I began to wonder if the heavens had their own bureaucracy. Maybe I could go above Mother Nature’s head to summon the warm weather. It was clear that channelling my energy through Mother Nature was no use to me and […]

The Phone Call

  It was last weekend my eight year old son came home and said the dreaded word no mother wants to hear. “Margaret is calling me tonight and we are going to meet in the Club Penguin chat room for a date.” I looked at him and blanched. “You know […]

Three Cheers for Camping!

The sun is shining and I’m getting that itch to plan a camping trip. I know some of you may groan at the thought of camping in the wilderness, with communal showers, sharing a tent with three other people (stinky boys to be exact).  But our family camping trips are […]

Mr.Handyman Can You Help My Marriage?

The merry joys of Do it yourself projects and the arguments that tumble along with it. I always wonder how many divorces have occured over painting?  I think of this every time Mr. MBA stands over me  inspecting every single paint brush swipe I make in the hot sun. “Honey!  Try not using […]

The Kindergarten Conundrum

Most mornings, I am greeted by my son Alex as a super hero, cowboy, or skeleton. He has a wild adventurous imagination, and loves to play outside all day. It was last year I made the mistake of putting him in Kindergarten at the age of four.  He knew his […]

My Badass Boggle

You may wonder what the heck a boggle is.  And no, it’s not the entertaining spelling game with the timer.  It’s my badass dog. She is a cross between a beagle and boxer. And is an absolute hellion if you don’t keep your eye on her.  It has been over […]