One Question

It was last October that I participated in a month of your questions! It was a fun way to keep my on blogging track!

So I am asking you for a favor to help me get my blogging groove back!

Can you leave me one question in the comment box? It can be anything that pops off the top of your mind!

I will use each of those questions as a writing prompt every Friday until the comment box runs empty. I will also link your question back to your blog and thank you profusely for inspiring me.

I look forward to being challenged with all of your brilliant questions!

Do you have one  question for me?

Hot Pink and Smokin’

[If I were brave took the fearless step to visit a silent retreat! EEKK! Needless, to say it was not what she imagined, she gave it a good 24 hours and then  opted for a good hotel with room service. She also dishes out great writing prompts such as this - Start your story with “My mother always told me not to play with fire.” End it with “And that’s how I ended up in the middle of nowhere—naked.”]

My Mother always told me not to play with fire. I knew the moment I saw him I was in trouble. He had those dark blue eyes, and had a swagger in his tight jeans. How could any woman resist? Jimmy was a player and I wanted a piece of the action.

It was the action that always drew me in to those men. He was leaning over the pool table ready to take a shot and I patiently waited for him to look-up. I was wearing just the perfect dress hot pink, tight, and low – cut. My stilettos accentuated the look by just keeping everything a little lift. I  slowly  walked over, “Got a light!”

Mermaid Smoking by JJ Levine

He flicked open his lighter and stood at attention  “Here you go darling!”

“Thanks Sugar!”

As I began to walk away he called out “What are you drinking?”

“I’ll have gin and tonic. Thanks!”

He followed behind me and ordered the drink to the waiter.

“So what are you doing in this dive?”

“I’m just enjoying the show!”

I looked him up and then down “I have to admit I like what I am seeing!”

He gave me a wink, “Would you like to see a little more?”

“That depends your place or mine.”

It’s with that we left the bar and hopped on the back of his Harley. We hit the open road and I enjoyed the exhilaration of the wind blowing through my hair. It was only a matter of time before I sealed the deal.

As we arrived at his house, I walked up the step, to discover it was completely under-surveillance. The cameras watched every move and I was in no mood for dealing with technology on that evening. We walked into the kitchen and headed straight to the back of the playboy pad.

He gave me a grin “What do you think of my new spot?”

I kept it smooth “It looks good!”

“So what is your party of choice?”

I gave him a curious grin, “I’ll just stick to the booze. Thanks!”

He handed me a scotch on the rocks, “Why don’t we take this party out to the hot tub.”

I clutched my purse under my arm, “Sounds good to me!”

I had to get in and out fast! The hot tub seemed to be the perfect solution. I cased the area and too my surprise it was the one place a camera wasn’t directed. I placed my open purse at the edge of the tub. I coyly slipped off my clothes and eagerly undressed him. The view of  his abs were impressive! He was quite the piece of work. It was shame I thought that such a nice piece would go to waste. But I knew there would always be others bigger and better.

I gave him a bite on the lips just enough to draw a little blood. He grinned, turned to reach his drink, taking his eyes off me. I quietly grabbed the magnum from my purse and I fired a single shot to the head.

My job was done for the night and I had to get out fast! It’s with that I looked my dress covered in blood! A perfectly good waste of Versace.

I grabbed my things and hopped the fence. I stood in the middle of nowhere naked  for several minutes wondering if I needed a new profession. Sometimes it wasn’t worth the mess!

If you could change professions what would you be?

The One with the Peanut on Top

[Tilly Bud The Laughing Housewife serves up a silver lining with her daily humor. Can you believe she schedules her posts three times a day?  I wish I had that dedication! She asks "If you were only allowed to write about one thing i.e. your blog had to have just one topic, what would it be?"]

I have an addiction to Peanut Butter I love it in the morning, love in the evening, and even in the afternoon. It compliments my beverage of choice whether it  be milk, coffee, tea, wine, or beer. It offers me comfort on a dark day. And happiness on a good one. It is the one thing in my cupboard that I can depend on when there is nothing to eat. Peanut butter in a word is my true love.

My addiction came about the time I was seven! It was around the same time the ad for Squirrel Peanut Butter invaded the TV waves with the slogan the one with the peanut on top.

Everytime my mother would bring home a new container of peanut butter I had to be the first to have the peanut on top!

Sometimes my oldest sister would torment me with the fact that she had to have the peanut  “It wasn’t fair that I got it all the time.”Looking back she was fourteen and I was seven – I think she could have forgone the peanut.

My mother to keep the peace and tired of teenage hormones would scold me to ask first before taking it with the unpleasant reminder that it was very rude not to share the peanut. I would then be sent to my room to think about my perilous mistake!

Of course, how could one peanut cause such a ruckus? I’ll never know…But I do know I take comfort in a peanut butter sandwich or cookie any day over a peanut!

If there was one food you had to blog about what would it be?

The Fall Mash

[Counting Ducks  serves up blog posts with deep insight and  brings optimism to the forefront with  your morning cup of coffee. He asks the key question"Why is October specially busy?"  A very good question indeed..]

As a slight cold wind blows through the city streets and the leaves begin to fall to the ground. The last few days of beautiful weather have gone leaving my toes itchy for  more. And the month of October there is always more!

It’s the perfect time to inhale the air and step outside before the treacherous white witch arrives to steal all of falls glory. I am the defender of all things fall and will fight the white witch until the bitter end. It is this which makes October busy!

I have to relish the smells of Thanksgiving supper full of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted butternut squash , and pumpkin pie.  Enjoy one too many glasses of wine and fall in a pile of leaves.  Thanksgiving is my time to enjoy all of my favorite foods and be thankful for the ones I love with all of my heart.

It’s then with a turn of a switch I take a hitch and prepare for my favorite day of the year! Hallow’s Eve! What is better than ghouls,ghosts, and goblins? It’s this year I will make my own ghoulish masterpiece of a  cemetery cake! Dare to create a haunted house that no one will enter!

However, a certain someone in my life doesn’t understand my need to have four Jack O lanterns, Caution Tape Across the Front Door, a witch perched in the yard, the hint of gravestones lingering in the front, and maybe a leg upside down in the garden.

Jack and the Cat by Michelle Nardi

I must be careful not  to cause a stir and abruptly change everything at once for some people do not love Halloween as much as I! I must slowly prepare this soul with a gradual changes to the house as I slowly  increase the additions of  Halloween Horrors.

I must slowly place the pumpkins on the step, wait a day for the caution tape, sneak out  the witch, dedicate an afternoon of making ghosts hanging in the trees, lighting the house in black and orange. I do it all in stages. Many stages. He accepts each time without question as he walks through the door  with a slight grumble and graciously waits for the day I tear it all down.

I  have promised this year  to be a much more quiet Halloween!  The only thing is I will have to do is forgo the music, make a smaller rum punch, and only haul out the smoke machine. Afterall, relationships are about compromise….

Are you finding the change of seasons busy? Do you love Halloween and Thanksgiving as much as me?

One Question

The month of October is going to be busy! I find when I  get trapped in the hustle and the bustle. My mind gets a little foggy and I stop blogging. So I’m asking for your help! 

Can you leave me one question in the comment box? It can be anything that pops off the top of your mind!   I will use each of those questions as a writing prompt for an upcoming blog post this month. I will also link your question back to your blog and thank you profusely for inspiring me.

I look forward to being challenged  this month with all of your brilliant questions!

The Imaginary Cat Burglar

As I sat sipping my tea, enjoying the silence of the house, and at the same time cursing at two semi-written blog posts that refused to come together. I sighed, I took deep breath, and went to NaBloPoMo for  writing prompt inspiration. It was there I heard a noise!

It sounded like someone was entering the house! I listened was someone quietly creeping across the floor? I felt a flush of panic! What do I do? I had to inspect but I couldn’t go upstairs unarmed. It with that I did what any reasonable person would do!  I grabbed the first two things that were in my reach a candle stick and a bottle of Windex. Yes! I was armed and ready to face that noise!

As I crept up the stairs, I let the dog run ahead, I slowly turned the corner the living room discovering it was empty. I then investigated the kitchen.  I sighed there was no sign of anyone on the main floor. I quietly moved upstairs gripping my Windex bottle. Ready to Squirt! I held it out inspected the bedrooms and opened closet doors with trepidation.

It was  only after throughly investigating my whole home I came to the conclusion my mind was playing tricks on me. It was just me, my dog, and an imaginary cat burglar.It was at that very moment I realized I needed to stop reading Jame Patterson novels three nights in a consecutive row. It had turned me into a paranoid creature.

It was then I looked down at my hands clutching the candle stick and the bottle of Windex. Really? How was I going to defend myself with these two objects? I think the absurdity in my selection of weapons of self-defense would have made any hardened criminal run!

What would be the first thing you would grab from your home office/desk if you thought your home was being invaded by a cat burglar?

A Mother’s Unrest

As time passes and we fade to dust do our souls travel to another place? Does a restless soul get trapped ?  And is this why  paranormal activity may exist? I know when we hear the ghost stories over the camp fire at night gaff at the tales because it is stranger than fiction. But have you ever had your own paranormal experience that left you wondering – a sudden brush across your shoulder, a creepy feeling lurking from behind, or just the feeling of a presence somewhere in the midst of your home.

The first apartment that we went rented was in rickety old house, we had the main floor, it was a place that seemed dreams once lived with open windows, the three fireplaces, but as time passed turned into an array of various apartments blocking the flow of rooms and turning a once majestic home into a decay of the past. This is where we lived with the birth of our first son for the first few months of his life. It was the first morning we brought our bundle of joy home to our little space of warmth and love that strange things began to happen on a daily basis.

The first was the infestation of lady  bugs basking in the light of our huge bay window.  After the ladies sudden appearance more oddities occurred such as doors that were shut would slowly open, as if someone was quietly creeping into our room in the middle of the night. In the daytime  our  front entrance which was always locked would fly open for no explicable reason, and no one was ever at the door.

But then it was late at night, in the dead hours,  when the little one would summon for his feeding and you would catch a cool breeze with a glimpse of white shift throughout the hallway. It was those nights I wondered if sleep deprivation was getting the best of me.

It wasn’t until friends began to visit and mentioned they would never live in that house because it was haunted.

“Didn’t you know?”

“Know what? That the house is haunted?”

“We had friends who lived there two summers past and they would have strange things happen every night.”

It was then I discovered the story of this majestic old house. Once upon a  time a wealthy family had dwelled in it`s comforts and called this place home.  It was during World War II  both her husband and  two sons went off to war, and never returned. It is believed the heart of the family, a mother and a wife, is still waiting for their return…It made sense the Mother waiting for the inevitable return for her husband and sons. The grief, sorrow, and pain that must have held her soul to tight and now she is left to wait.

I never felt scared  in the old haunted house, I felt comforted that once lived a women who loved her sons, just as much as I loved mine. So when the door would slowly creep open with no one to be seen I knew it was just her checking in on our  little man. After all, everyone loves a baby, even ghosts, I’m assuming…

Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever had an experience that is stranger than fiction?

No Ordinary Morning

It was just another typical morning the hectic hustle and bustle of wrangling the kids out the door for school.  As we walked I remembered I forgot that I locked the front door. I thought to myself “It was nothing to worry about besides I’m only minutes away.”

I dropped the kids off with a quick dodge and dash home before anyone could grab me to volunteer for the morning assembly. I needed some quiet time to reboot and make plans for the busy week. I know it’s selfish but I relish my quiet time alone.

Portrait of a Passionate Woman (The Hands) by Dali, Salvador

As I entered the house ready to enjoy my first cup of coffee, I cut a whiff of a smell, and looked at my dog whimpering at the back door wanting to go out. I let her out and sighed wondering,  “What  had she done now?”

I noticed the basement door wide open  I knew the dog has done something but rather than inspecting it, discovering her mess, the best would be to leave it for the time-being. All I wanted was my first cup of coffee – was that really too much to ask?

It was at  that moment I turned the coffee machine, I heard another noise, it was a strange clicking sound, I walked back to the basement door to inspect,  I opened it,  the room went silent, I shrugged it off, and I went back to the kitchen.

It was then I felt a cold breeze brush past my shoulders and I knew this would be no ordinary morning.

Can you help me finish the story? What will happen next?