A Special Holiday Message

Happy Holidays!

Run! Gingerbread Man! Run!


Do you devour your gingerbread man in one gulp? Or do you savor every bite?

The Story of My Life: A Box Office Fail

{Simply Charming brings a little Sunshine to the world each day with some of her very bright posts!  Her one question is “What actor/actress would you pick to play you in the movie of your life?” Good grief! A movie about my life now that would be a box office fail!}

What movie genre would be the perfect fit for your life story?

Very Bad Dog

Do you have a very bad dog? Does it wait for the opportune time to strike your  kitchen trash can?

A Spooky Invention

The day after Halloween and the school board graciously granted the kids a day off after the evening of chilly festivities.   As we settled in on this snowy day my littlest  came-up with his own spooky invention for next Halloween. And I thought I would share it with all of you.



What is one of your favorite childhood invention’s?

A Hairy Situtation

{PS I Love Soap Co.  is a maverick when it comes to soap and she whips up a storm with her wonderful creations! Her one question for me “If stranded on a deserted island with husband and kids what is the one thing I would bring?” I was tempted to answer the men from Strike Back! But that would be two things and  I would end up with a very jealous husband.}

If you were stranded on a deserted island what would be the one thing you would bring?

My Week Without Coffee

My Great Coffee Experiment! One Week without coffee!

Could you survive a week without coffee?