Maritime Union According To A Maritimer Living Out West

As Maritime Senators mull over the idea of an Atlantic union to foster a stronger economy and more influence within the Federal government.  Will the people within in the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia support the idea of provinces merging for the betterment of their society? It is within the connection of cultural identity, history, and life which makes people leery of change.


As many young people chose to stay and take their chances with the Atlantic Lottery to live in the Maritime provinces where you win a good job through patronage for long hours and little wages. Many look on and know it isn’t enough to play the maritime game for employment they look for more going west.

It is the promise of that green grass that pulled my family from New Brunswick. We wanted a little more to ensure we could have a better lifestyle, save for retirement, and be able to afford our children’s future education. (Read More at The Huffington Post Alberta)

What Can Canada Learn from King Midas and the Golden Touch?

{Kate Shrewsday loves nothing more than a piece of really juicy rhetoric, and dishes it out in spades. She is one of my favorite blogs that I love to stop and visit  after a busy week.  Her One Question is “What is the greatest fairytale; and why?”}

As a child there was one book that stood – out that I read over and over it was King Midas and the Golden Touch. I was fascinated with the King who could turn everything into gold with a simple touch.  I believe  we all desire to have that touch to create the financial freedom  enabling us to live the life we dreamed of without thinking of the cost.

As the economy propels forward with technological innovations and foreign investment into our natural resources.  David Suzuki points out:

We need to look at the way we create and introduce technology. Perhaps it’s time to ask, “Why do we need this? Does it improve our lives in a significant way?” And then we may ask, “What are the wider repercussions of this invention throughout nature and over time?” If we asked, with greater humility, “How does nature solve problems?” we might find solutions that would avert or minimize negative consequences

Each day we have to make the choices which affect the cost of our planet and our future’s well-being.  If we blindly move forward taking our chances with building the oil sands and burning through our fossil fuels. What resources will we have left for our future? If the government was to take a step back and begin investing in green technology wouldn’t that be the improvement into solving future problems?

King Midas’s life changed in a blink of an eye when he discovered his golden touch was a hazard that turned his beloved daughter Marygold into stone. She was the one thing he loved most in the world that he would never get back. Luckily, for him he was granted one last wish to reverse his unwise choice of having the golden touch and return to his precious life filled with a daughter’s love.

The one thing we can all learn from King Midas is to be careful what we wish for because in real life you don’t always get to reverse your past mistakes. Canada’s biggest jewel is its abundance of natural resources something which we should never taken for granted. We need to be cautious for what we wish for because it may take away the many things we love about this country.

Do you believe there is a cost to the choices you make in life?

Simple Steps for Political Change

Each and every  day we envision a world of peace, clean air, and world where leaders of the next generation thrive to make the world a better place. People will show compassion to their fellow-man and help each other when in need with no other purpose then to lend a hand. But first we must learn from our mistakes.

It is these simple steps which will foster the change we need to create as global citizens in order to make our world a better place for the next generation.

Now the key is getting  everyone to play by the same set of  rules. Is it possible? What you add to the list?

My Children’s True Heroes

The NHL lockout boils down to the players believing they are not being paid enough money to play the sport they have given blood, sweat, and tears. I understand the countless hours they have put on the ice, the financial setbacks that their parents most have faced to ensure they would be the best, there is no doubt in mind hockey is an elitist sport and it costs a lot of money to be the best on the ice.

My children look-up to these players they are inspired by Hull and cheer on Eberle. But at the same time for a family of four to watch their heroes on the ice it costs over two hundred dollars in tickets for one game to sit in the nosebleeds.  You keep your fingers-crossed that they will play a winning game!

It is after the hockey games are over the next day my children return to school and are welcomed by a tremendous support staff. The administrative workers that help to coordinate field trips, hot lunches, bus times, and calls home to let you know your child is sick. The Teacher Assistants who spend hours in the classroom working with the children that need that extra help and supporting the teacher who has their handful with large classroom sizes. It is this support staff without their efforts which the school would be ill-equipped to run.

As the front line of Alberta’s Catholic schools remain on strike requesting the province to increase their salaries. It is a startling contrast that the average income of a teacher assistant is 17.69  per hour and the average income of an NHL hockey player is 2.45 million.

The support staff at my children`s school are the people they see each day and know that makes their school great.  So when you ask about a hockey lockout do I feel sorry for the hockey player that an average of 2.45 million that my children watch play once a year. Not a chance!

The Oilers might be my children’s heroes but they do nothing for their education at the end of the day. The true heroes are the school administrators, the TA’s, and Teachers that put in the time to give my children the best education. It is these people who are caught in the politics of being everything to everyone and not getting paid an extra cent for it.


A Political Analysis of Voters Underwear

{ Nelle Writes shares snippets of her works of fiction and is in the final stages of editing her labor of love. The one thing I love about Nelle is her humor! A s well she  is never afraid to dive into the political to share her opinions and insights. Her one question for me is “Do you wear thongs, grannies, or nothing at all?” As a lady I cannot answer that but like any good politician I can go around the subject with an answer.}

In the past few weeks I have quietly observed the Democratic and Republican conventions. I have listened to the speakers and heard them rally the American public to vote for the best candidate this November.  As people begin to get riled up in the issues I can only imagine how comfortable they are in their own underwear.

Does their choice in underwear reflect who they will be voting for this November? I made this chart to make the voting lines clear that you vote what you wear in the privacy of your booth.

My guess for the political candidates  is that Mitt Romney still loves his fast cars from the eighties and will be donning his  leopard briefs. Obama will be  cool  with ease would of course saunter in his boxers.

So as election day looms!  What will you be wearing in the booth? Do you agree with my political analysis?

An Ass in the Box

We all run into that one person who has seen us a thousand times before but yet they seem to forget who we are depending on how we look or smell that day.  It is at that point I hear the circus music my brain filters on double duty in attempt to prevent  the ass in the box  from popping up. I always have one thought that lingers in the back of my head as I pass by their glorious air of distinction.

 If you could customize your very own Ass in the Box what gaseous fumes would be emitted to that very special person?

My Brain Filtering System

As an impulsive person it took me some time to work on the finer art of conversation, to be patient, smile, nod, and listen. Many times I find myself opting out of conversations of sex, religion, and politics.  My brain calmly begins to filter if I disagree on the point of the commenter  and switch gears to another topic of conversation.

However, if you catch me on a really bad day my brain does something funny – wires malfunction, it short circuits and sparks begin to fly. Such as if  I see a picture of Bill Clinton with Porn Stars come across my tweet space after a really long day. I get a little pissy!

So!  Bill Clinton, I ask you “What the Fuck?”

How does your brain filtering system work?

Silence for a Solider

[Texas June inspires with her thoughts and perspectives on life. She talks about daily musing on her farm, comments on politics, and has a flare for creative writing. Her one question is "Considering it would be the ultimate Republic goal, what is the one thing every citizen could do towards protecting the sovereignty of our nation?" ]

Imagine a world where government has no respect for its citizens, it is lawless, over run by war lords, rapes it woman, and no longer cares for the weak. It is in this society the government has lost all legitimization to rule its citizens.  If we look deep into the past and present the lesson  learned is tyrannical rulers  are detrimental to the common good of any society.

Copy Right The Canadian War Museum

If we are to live in a society that strives for equality and the right to individual freedoms then at times these freedoms will be challenged  by other nations.

If all else fails at the political table when compromise cannot be met through negotiations and offers of peace. It is up to each citizen to make the choice to defend their nation.

It is on Remembrance Day we take a moment of silence to honour the soldiers who have fought for our democratic rights and freedoms.

It is these soldiers that return home some to hug their loved ones and others to be laid to rest. It up to us as citizens of our nation to honour all of their sacrifices on Remembrance Day and Veterans Day.

If I Were a Cave Woman

[Nelle Writes is honing her craft as she toils away late nights on writing the perfect novel. She takes time away to share thoughts and snippets of her life on her stimulating blog posts. Nelle asks, "Can you share how your world would look if it were recreated in a Flintstone environment?"]

One of my only memories of the Flintstone’s is the sound of Fred hollering Wilma! If my husband felt the need to scream my name with such authority I would club him over the head, drag him over the mountain, and feed him to the mountain lion.  Afterall, he would be Neanderthal and wouldn’t know any better! 

If I were a cave woman I would not be living the Flintstone dream with the stone house, the rubble mobile, and all of the fine dining. I would not be so civilized or patient as Wilma.

I envision I would have a temperamental disposition,  a strange odor about me, scraggly hair, and a club for good measure.

My home would be the dirt floor of a cave with only a small fire to keep us warm. I would feed my children berries, leaves, and roots. The only comfort of the evening would be the kill of the day to fill our carnivorous bodies with nourishment.

I wouldn’t be thinking of the common woes of looking up at the glass ceiling, the rat race, and contemplating the next best diet late into the evening. I would be on the diet of survival and test of will to live until the next day.

My job would be to fend for myself and raise my feral children to use their brains when escaping the perils of the animal kingdom.  The comfort and security of home would be not even a memory. It would cease to exist. We would be the starting point of our evolution and defying the odds of natural selection.

The only difference in my cave world is I am equal to the man and am a necessity to his survival. It is my  ability to build fire, nurture our children, and work with other women to create an organized tribal society. The only question I ask as a cave woman looking into the future, Where and when did we lose our equality?

Do you have the answer?

Does the Lion Ever Sleep?

[ Desi Valentine is  super mom! She sees no limits and pushes herself  to live life to the fullest! I would like to congratulate her on her next adventure as she makes the journey into grad school. Desi's one question is "If you were sleep walking while on safari in sub-Saharan Africa and happened awake near a watering hole where lions came often to stalk their prey, what would you do?"]

I woke-up from my slumber with sweat dripping down my back with the odd sensation of dirt under my feet. I opened my eyes slowly confused, looking up at the stars, glistening over the water hole, and then hear the sounds of tree branches crackling behind me. A bone chill runs down my back and I feel as if a silent killer is stalking me. I want to scream but am paralyzed with fear. I know there is no hero on a dark horse to rescue me from the clutches of the lion lurking behind me.

It is this paralyzing fear I feel each time I hear about the devastation in the Horn of Africa. The menacing lions are the corrupt governments and feuding gangs which have torn a nation’s such as Somalia from limb to limb. Men, women, and children are facing each day wondering if they will have access to clean water and food.

Somalia is battling one of the largest famines in decades.  It is just within recent weeks they have faced set back with torrential down pours and flooding making that much harder to supply clean water and food to millions of people. If I feel this paralyzed when I read the statistics and newspaper headlines. I can only imagine the daunting task relief agencies must face in the attempt to provide a helping hand.

It’s time for lion to lay down its head and allow for a helping hand to ease the devastation of the famine.MSNBC has compiled a list of relief agencies in East Africa who are battling this crisis on the front lines. It only takes a minute to check out the commendable work they are doing throughout such devastating crisis.

Do you feel over-whelmed when you read about the crisis in East Africa? What are the best ways  big or small in which we can contribute to making a difference in the world?