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A Penny for Your Quirk

We all strive to be perfect in some shape and form in our lives. It might be from the small to the big details in life that we create certain expectations for ourselves.  But what happens when the people in our lives do not live up to our own expectations.   […]

Questions I Will Say No To

The joy of the long weekend is that it brings the whole family together. However, my husband opted to plan a play date  for my children and then left to run errands for the rest of day.  I have now become the voice of “No” to my children as the […]

The Three Thousand Dollar Cheque

As my husband and I walked behind the couple at the dog park we couldn’t help but overhear the end of an argument. “I don’t think 2500 a month will cover the cost of her condo, clothing allowance, bills, and car insurance!” The husband exasperated lifted up his arms and […]

Moving Day!

In a few hours I will be moving from our little home on the park and getting ready to unpack the boxes in our new home. It is only up the street still walking distance of the children’s school and close to the friends that I have made throughout the […]

Loser Girls

I had one professor he was brilliant, soft-spoken, and knew how to challenge his students. It was with crippling fear not to have done your reading and be faced with the consequences because he loved to debate everything. He would ask the question, “What did you think of Popper’s method? […]


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