A Penny for Your Quirk

We all strive to be perfect in some shape and form in our lives. It might be from the small to the big details in life that we create certain expectations for ourselves.  But what happens when the people in our lives do not live up to our own expectations.   What happens when we being to judge our neighbors cookie eating habits? Or our best friends messy kitchen? Or maybe our Mother’s flare for wearing neon pink with a tiara?

The going gets weird

It is at those times perfect gets in the way of seeing the people we are meant to see in real life. We all have our quirk and foibles. Some of us chose to hide them and others strut their quirks with pride. It is those quirks which can be delightful eccentricities that we can grow to love in our friends and family.

At the same time the person who masks those quirks has the ability to judge the rest of us for making steps forward to be who we want to be as we try to accept who we are in the path to happiness.

It is as a friend and I sat over coffee we stumbled into a conversation.

“Why do you think she tries to be so perfect?”

“I don’t know.”

“It must be exhausting trying to keep up with the Jones?”

“Did you ever think it might be exhausting just to be you?”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“You are judging her for trying to be perfect while you try not to care what people think who judge you?”


“Well which path to happiness is better?”

“I don’t know. But both paths seem exhausting.”

We all try to be the best we can be  in our own little world. Some of us just try to be good, others try to look perfect, and the rest just thumb their nose at us. All I know is at the end of the day I would rather be quirky than perfect. I really believe it is too much work to dress to please and have everyone like me.

What is your favorite quirk? How do you flaunt it?

Questions I Will Say Yes To

I suspect I may have come off harsh in my last Post and may have sounded like Mrs. No! But I want everyone to know that I am prone to saying yes too! It is the simple act of saying Yes that can bring joy or sadness to my children depending on their question of the moment.

So I have compiled my simple list of Yes Questions to prove that I don’t always say No!

Do you ever seize the opportunity and say Yes?

Questions I Will Say No To

The joy of the long weekend is that it brings the whole family together. However, my husband opted to plan a play date  for my children and then left to run errands for the rest of day.  I have now become the voice of “No” to my children as the day has slowly lingered on and I attempt to tackle my to-do list.

The one thing that has irked me the most is my children insist on asking the same questions that they already know the answer to…

So as a  gentle reminder to my little family  I will be placing this notice on the fridge to spare them they agony of hope and me the pain of sounding like a broken record.

Do you ever get tired of sounding like a broken record?

The Three Thousand Dollar Cheque

As my husband and I walked behind the couple at the dog park we couldn’t help but overhear the end of an argument.

“I don’t think 2500 a month will cover the cost of her condo, clothing allowance, bills, and car insurance!”

The husband exasperated lifted up his arms and brought them down to his side, “What is enough? She is in university.”

The wife looked at him, “We will write her a cheque for three thousand a month and that should be enough!”

It was with that they veered right and stormed away!

I  looked at  my husband to check if heard what I just heard in front of us. Perhaps, it is with righteous indignation I wonder who the hell gives their daughter in university a cheque for three thousand dollars a month to cover the cost of clothing allowance, car insurance, and bills.

Do you see something wrong with this picture?

Moving Day!

In a few hours I will be moving from our little home on the park and getting ready to unpack the boxes in our new home. It is only up the street still walking distance of the children’s school and close to the friends that I have made throughout the past four years.  But it was a time for a change!

My husband drove by the open house with curiosity only a month ago as he did the walk – thru and called me to come see it! It was with hesitation I went to take a gander not ready to make promises.

We had been driving to other communities looking at the brand new show homes but the one thing they lacked was the community.I want my kids to grow in the community they know and prevent them from changing schools every three years.

So when I walked through this house I knew the price was right and it would keep me in the community that I have grown to love. My husband and I knew the obvious answer as we discussed it over coffee that this would be our house for the rest of our time we planned to spend in this city.

So in the morning light when I pick-up the keys to our new home I will dance with excitement for the wide open spaces. But in my heart I know I will miss my home that started it all! I will remember looking over the park where the kids would play,  the knocks on the doors from the neighbors kids, and look back on the tender moments that we shared in our special home.

It is this house on the park is one of the few that we have lived in as a family but it is another chapter full of beautiful memories.

 Do you have a special home that remains close to your heart?

What’s the Rush Edmonton? Don’t Plow Down My Kids in the Crosswalk!

Warning: I’ m ranting about driving nose-pickers who can’t slow down or stop at a crosswalk. Come join in on the conversation at Huffington Post Alberta.

Courtesy of Microsoft clip art

Do you ever feel crosswalk rage?

Loser Girls

I had one professor he was brilliant, soft-spoken, and knew how to challenge his students. It was with crippling fear not to have done your reading and be faced with the consequences because he loved to debate everything.

He would ask the question, “What did you think of Popper’s method? How did it change the way the social sciences are viewed?”

He would look at the victim scuffing their feet and looking to the floor avoiding any form of eye contact.

“Mike, how do you feel about this?”

Mike would wait a minute, look around, “Oh! Are you talking to me? Well, I guess in science it’s not always important to look at the ethical outcome when you are observing how humans make certain choices.”

It was at this moment everyone would hold their breath and knew Mike had been cornered like a lost sheep against wall with no escape from the wolf lurking in the bushes. You could hear the sound of the pen drop and Dr. M would reply, “So you don’t think a person’s choice value is not influenced by his ethical choices in life?”

He would then give Mike the look the look that would make him shrink into the chair and want to cease to exist. Dr. M would then carry on with his lesson.

It was just the other day I was talking with an acquaintance about her daughter’s grade one class. She was complaining about the school fees, the teacher, and then she made a comment about the loser girls.

My ears piqued up “Loser girls?”

“Well! Yeah! You know the girls! Never have their homework done, never pay attention in class, their parents always forget to send in the forms.”

I felt a slight anger under my belly and repeated slowly, “Loser Girls in grade 1?”

“Yes. They are they don’t do anything. And I don’t want to be paying extra fee when their parents don’t send in the money.”

I bit my tongue, and stayed rational as listened to the ridiculousness of it all, “Loser Girls? Really?”

And then I stared at her I gave her the look that Dr. M once had given Mike.

I raised my eyebrow and gave her a stink eye that said more than any words would ever say to challenge her frame of mind. Her eyes looked away from me as I watched her attempt to blend in with the walls.

Sometimes words don’t always have enough meaning to make a person stop and think what they are saying before they open their mouths. I would like to thank Dr. M for teaching me how maintain rationality when faced with obvious stupidity.

In life there is one commonality that most of us can agree on and that is no girl should ever be called a loser. We talk about the mean girls, the implications it causes in school, and how they can be hurtful to other children. It is parental attitudes such as this Mother which make these mean girls exist and it’s time to give these women a taste of their own medicine.
Do you believe some words aim to hurt? And are just not funny?

The Myth of the Boogey: Arresting a Mom for Unsupervised Play

Tammy Cooper is just like me; she lives on a quiet cul-de-sac and she lets her children ride their scooters along the neighborhood street. The only difference between this Mom and me is she was arrested for allowing her kids, ages six and nine, to play outside watching from “only a few feet away.”

Come over and join the conversation at BlogHer. Do you believe Tammy Cooper’s arrest was warranted?