Best Songs for Anger Management

{Mark Petuska of Mark My Words blogger and novelist shares his insights on his blog about the passionate things in life that matter! His one question for me is “What is your favorite song of all time, and why?” This one was tough. I’m still thinking about it. So until I have it figured out I’m sharing with you my  list of songs that I use for anger management.}

I would like to pretend I am very zen and I can ohm my way through anything. But sadly this is not necessarily the case. I try to be calm and carry-on, smile when I’ve peeved, and walk away from confrontation. Every now and then my  annoyed smile disappears, an angry rumble begins to roll in my belly, my fists begin to clench, and there is only one thing I can do to contain my anger from bouncing to a heightened emergency warning of ten.

Play My Music Really Loud! Obnoxiously Loud!

My Top Ten List of Music for Letting the Aggression Out:

10) Bruise Violet, Babes in Toyland

9) Speed Machine, Nashville Pussy

8) Dirty Boots, Sonic Youth

7) Stupid Girl, Garbage

6) Caribou, The Pixies

5) Lithium, Nirvana

4) Shitlist, L7 

3) Best of You, FooFighters

2) I Love Myself Today, Bif Naked

1) Bad Reputation, Joan Jett

Music can be very therapeutic especially when added with an aggressive workout or speeding on the highway in your car. Sometime hard and fast is the only way to go! Scream it, Jump it, and let it all out! If anyone is within my vicinity while I’m listening to any of this list it is best for you to slowly  back away from the stomping woman and let her do her thing.

Do you let it all out to certain songs when you are miffed? Do you have one song that you would add to the list?

The Attack of the Fat Sucker

As I leisurely strolled down the Costco aisle I discovered Maiden Form Fat Free Dressing Tank Top for the low price of 19.99!  I was immediately hooked and grabbed a medium!   It the cheaper version of Spanx with the promise of hiding my muffin tops that appealed to my vanity.

The next morning I decided it was time to breakout this wonderful new purchase and try it on to see if it really was fat free!

I slid it over my shoulders with ease but somehow it got tangled just before hitting my well endowed chest.

It was stuck!

I stood there trying to wiggle my arms out and fell over on top of the bed. It felt as if this fat sucker was strangling me! I couldn’t breathe and had to get it off!

In the midst of my panic “Scissors! Where are the scissors?”

I couldn’t find them!

I wondered was I doomed to be in the Newspapers the next morning “Woman strangled by Fat Sucker!”

Oh! The humility!

I calmed myself took a deep breath and tried to wiggle out again. I wiggled, hummed, hawed, stretched, jumped, and rolled!

It was amen to the heavens above! I somehow managed to break free from the fat suckers clutches!

I then held the evil contraption in my hand and looked down at the size!

“God damn it! I bought a small!”

The moral of the story is if your vanity feels the call of the fat sucker make sure to buy the right size or it could have you in its horrible clutches of doom.

Have you ever been attacked by an article of clothing?

Run! Gingerbread Man! Run!


Do you devour your gingerbread man in one gulp? Or do you savor every bite?

The Story of My Life: A Box Office Fail

{Simply Charming brings a little Sunshine to the world each day with some of her very bright posts!  Her one question is “What actor/actress would you pick to play you in the movie of your life?” Good grief! A movie about my life now that would be a box office fail!}

What movie genre would be the perfect fit for your life story?

NaBloPoMo Failure

I tried to be good, punctual, and post once a day! But I failed! I even did a post on surviving NaBloPoMo!  I got cocky!  I have many good reasons for failing the month of November’s NaBloPoMo and decided I share would share them with you.

I think that about sums it up! I might try it again in January when I am feeling invigorated by the New Year and ready to take on anything for about a week!

Have you ever completed a NaBloPoMo challenge? Or did your dog eat your notepad?

A Glimpse of the Cosmos in Musical Heaven

It was last night I got to live my dream of seeing Leonard Cohen for the first time in my life. My heart raced when he took to the stage and a small tear trickled down my face as he began with Dance Me to the End of Love. It was at that moment I knew I had discovered musical heaven for one glorious night.

I have always been cynical of the rock shows were the girl is sobbing or  others are screaming into fits of hysteria as their favorite boy band takes the stage.

As Leonard Cohen was in the  middle of  singing Who by Fire something stirred within me a combination of happiness, excitement, and the realization that I was finally at a Leonard Cohen concert.

I felt it building! I tried to stop it! I placed my hand over my mouth and out came  a loud, horrible, uncontrollable sobbing!

My husband looked on in horror, the woman sitting next to me looked concerned, and the man in front of me turned to see what made that ungodly noise.

It was me!

I was horrified that I couldn’t control this wave of emotion that shook through my whole body. I was that sobbing woman!

Leonard Cohen has been with me through every heartache, bad day, and sings to me when I need that special push of inspiration. Something awoke within me that I was on the floor only thirty-four seats from the one mans voice that has been a constant in my life.

He has always had a way of stirring my soul and last night I was in the church of Leonard Cohen. It was beautiful, amazing, transcendent, and glorious!  It was the best night of my life as I was lifted to musical heaven and caught a glimpse of the cosmos.

Is there a musician or musical band that you have dreamed of seeing in your lifetime?

Leonard Cohen and Me

Do you have a musical true love?

My Reading Chair

I have always dreamed of having a big comfy chair by the fire and curling up in it with a good book. In almost every house we have owned we could not afford a big comfy chair or it lacked a fire-place. All of that changed with the move to our new house.

We moved in over two weeks ago and the corner by the fireplace looked  lonely. It was that moment I knew what was needed to make it better!  It would be my reading chair!

Over the weekend I dragged my family to furniture clearance sales until I found the perfect  one for me.

My husband looked at it, “Are you sure?”


“But it’s cream?”


“The dog. The Kids. You. Need I say more?”

“We can scotch guard it?”

“Does scotch guard protect from red wine?”

I gulped and told a little white lie, “Yes! And it will be my chair so no one is allowed on it!”

We have had my reading chair for a full three days. In that time the children have jumped on it to play their DS games, the dog  has taken many gaseous naps, and my husband lounges on it with his trusted Blackberry. I  have decided to place a reserve sign on it to ensure many late evenings of silence with a glass of scotch and a good book to get through the cold winter nights.

Do you have a favorite chair in your home?

Questions I Will Say Yes To

I suspect I may have come off harsh in my last Post and may have sounded like Mrs. No! But I want everyone to know that I am prone to saying yes too! It is the simple act of saying Yes that can bring joy or sadness to my children depending on their question of the moment.

So I have compiled my simple list of Yes Questions to prove that I don’t always say No!

Do you ever seize the opportunity and say Yes?