The Cost of a Bikini: How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

It was over the holidays my husband gave me fifty dollar  gift certificate to splurge at a local swimwear shop for our upcoming vacation. What he did not realize was that one bikini bottom costs close to a hundred dollars in this shop. One very tiny bikini bottom.

carry on full of bikinis

I  just smiled at his kind gesture and said, “Thank you!”

Over the weekend he asked, “Honey! When are you going to use your gift certificate?”

I took that as a cue to buy myself a new bikini.

I walked into the shop over-whelmed at the prices and trying to find anything in my size on sale.

I settled for a two piece number which cost close to two hundred dollars. I thought to myself this better have special butt lifting powers…

It did not.

So in the end after trying on several costly bikini’s I settled for one flimsy cover-up that was on sale for sixty-nine dollars. I only had to spend nineteen which still felt like an extravagant splurge.

I came home to a very enthusiastic husband, “What did you get?”

“Umm. I got this.”

“That is all you got for fifty dollars.”

“Actually is was sixty-nine dollars.The gift certificate was a wonderful idea but next time pick a cheaper shop.”

He was slightly surprised by the cost and exasperated “Why are women’s swimsuits so expensive?”

” I do not know. However, that is  a very good question.”

How much are you willing to spend on a bathing suit or bikini?

A Penny for Your Quirk

We all strive to be perfect in some shape and form in our lives. It might be from the small to the big details in life that we create certain expectations for ourselves.  But what happens when the people in our lives do not live up to our own expectations.   What happens when we being to judge our neighbors cookie eating habits? Or our best friends messy kitchen? Or maybe our Mother’s flare for wearing neon pink with a tiara?

The going gets weird

It is at those times perfect gets in the way of seeing the people we are meant to see in real life. We all have our quirk and foibles. Some of us chose to hide them and others strut their quirks with pride. It is those quirks which can be delightful eccentricities that we can grow to love in our friends and family.

At the same time the person who masks those quirks has the ability to judge the rest of us for making steps forward to be who we want to be as we try to accept who we are in the path to happiness.

It is as a friend and I sat over coffee we stumbled into a conversation.

“Why do you think she tries to be so perfect?”

“I don’t know.”

“It must be exhausting trying to keep up with the Jones?”

“Did you ever think it might be exhausting just to be you?”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“You are judging her for trying to be perfect while you try not to care what people think who judge you?”


“Well which path to happiness is better?”

“I don’t know. But both paths seem exhausting.”

We all try to be the best we can be  in our own little world. Some of us just try to be good, others try to look perfect, and the rest just thumb their nose at us. All I know is at the end of the day I would rather be quirky than perfect. I really believe it is too much work to dress to please and have everyone like me.

What is your favorite quirk? How do you flaunt it?

A Tree Full of Christmas Memories

Many of my fondest memories come from the tradition of  purchasing the Christmas tree. It was one of  my family’s first years I went to the Shriners tree lot to purchase a beautiful tree. It was two elderly gentlemen who helped me select the tree and tie it to the roof of  my Toyota Corolla.

christmas tree

I was about to get into my car as a truck backed into my front bumper and started to drive-off.  The Scoundrel!

I hollered “Get back here!”

It was three Shriners all over the age of seventy pursued the vehicle on foot until finally catching up to the truck at the stop sign. One banging his fist on the drivers hood while the other opened the passenger door to give the driver a piece of his mind. They used their muscle forcing the man to come back to apologize and exchange insurance information.

The spirit of Christmas was alive and well in the Shriners tree lot!  They went over the call of duty to help save my front bumper and muscle a man who had no intention of ever exchanging insurance  information with me. It was this kindness that I have always remembered and  chuckle each Christmas holiday as we go to select our holiday tree.

Since that precious time we have moved to a much larger city we shop at Tree-Bay it really doesn’t have the spirit that the Shriners Christmas tree lot held and does not hold the magic that I love about Christmas. But now the tradition is to load everyone in our car, drink hot chocolate, and browse the Ikea tree lot for the perfect twenty-dollar tree.

No gentleman is there to help decide if it is full, there is no spirit, except the yellow Ikea box store lights shine over the parking lot. However, it is a tradition that our children expect and love to find the perfect tree. It’s a gamble to find the fullest and most tallest! We select our tree with our fingers-crossed and watch the branches settle throughout the night.

.The kids fall asleep with one eye open with anticipation  trying to decide which ornament that they will hang first and guess what Christmas cookies will be waiting for them afterschool. The magic of Christmas is the memories we share regardless if our tree comes from your local tree lot or the nearest Tree-bay. It’s at the end of the day spending time with the ones we love, laughing over fond memories, and creating new memories that make the holiday season magical.

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

Christmas Shopping at Wal-Mart: A Seasonal Hell

As I put up the Christmas lights this weekend in -20 C weather and cursed when I realize I had lost all of my bows which looked lovely against my green garland. I did what any insane person would do on a late Saturday afternoon and wrangled up the kids for a trip to Wal-Mart.

I knew my patience was short and I had one mission to purchase my very large red bows! It was then to escape,  put up the rest of the outdoor decorations, and drink a bottle of wine.

Unfortunately, sheepish browsers blocking the main aisles in every direction were slowing down my master plan!

I did what any other hurried person would do and hit the back alley aisles hoping to make it to the Christmas department without yelling “No! You cannot have…” to either of my children.

It was when we hit the towel section – all hell broke loose!

The bane of my existence two Lovie Dovies lip smacking the middle of the Wal-Mart towel aisle. They were blocking my direct way to the Christmas department and there was nothing I could do except make a very loud cough!

Christmas Shopping Hell

It failed.

They kept smacking.

I coughed louder.

She then swallowed his tongue hole.

I rolled my eyes at my oldest son.

He was mortified and said “Gross!”

They kept lip smacking.

“Excuse ME! EXCUSE ME!”

They seemed to move a little to the side just enough for me to get my cart and my children to  pass without disrupting  their erotic moment in the sexy towel department of Wal-Mart.

The inner child in me looked at both of my sons and the exclaimed” EWWW! Gross!”

We then began to make our way pass them. But something happened. The young man was so enraptured with his tongue being rammed down this woman’s throat - he moved  one step back  as I pushed my shopping cart forward –  jamming the contraption right into the back of his Knees!

He went “Awwww! Ouch!”

I went “Oops! Sorry!”

My oldest  exclaimed “Serves them right for face sucking in such a public place.”

It was with that we made our way to the Christmas department and I picked up my lovely Christmas bows. My children both have been traumatized by this event and vow they will never kiss a girl. Sometimes an early education in the public display of affection is just enough to hold them off on liking girls for just a few more years.

Thank you Face Suckers of Wal-Mart! I think this might be  the best Christmas gift  you can give any Mom of two boys!

How do you feel about public displays of affection? Do you think there is a time and place for it?

My Reading Chair

I have always dreamed of having a big comfy chair by the fire and curling up in it with a good book. In almost every house we have owned we could not afford a big comfy chair or it lacked a fire-place. All of that changed with the move to our new house.

We moved in over two weeks ago and the corner by the fireplace looked  lonely. It was that moment I knew what was needed to make it better!  It would be my reading chair!

Over the weekend I dragged my family to furniture clearance sales until I found the perfect  one for me.

My husband looked at it, “Are you sure?”


“But it’s cream?”


“The dog. The Kids. You. Need I say more?”

“We can scotch guard it?”

“Does scotch guard protect from red wine?”

I gulped and told a little white lie, “Yes! And it will be my chair so no one is allowed on it!”

We have had my reading chair for a full three days. In that time the children have jumped on it to play their DS games, the dog  has taken many gaseous naps, and my husband lounges on it with his trusted Blackberry. I  have decided to place a reserve sign on it to ensure many late evenings of silence with a glass of scotch and a good book to get through the cold winter nights.

Do you have a favorite chair in your home?

Questions I Will Say Yes To

I suspect I may have come off harsh in my last Post and may have sounded like Mrs. No! But I want everyone to know that I am prone to saying yes too! It is the simple act of saying Yes that can bring joy or sadness to my children depending on their question of the moment.

So I have compiled my simple list of Yes Questions to prove that I don’t always say No!

Do you ever seize the opportunity and say Yes?

Questions I Will Say No To

The joy of the long weekend is that it brings the whole family together. However, my husband opted to plan a play date  for my children and then left to run errands for the rest of day.  I have now become the voice of “No” to my children as the day has slowly lingered on and I attempt to tackle my to-do list.

The one thing that has irked me the most is my children insist on asking the same questions that they already know the answer to…

So as a  gentle reminder to my little family  I will be placing this notice on the fridge to spare them they agony of hope and me the pain of sounding like a broken record.

Do you ever get tired of sounding like a broken record?