The Creative Energy Suck

It happens when you least expect it! Your mind  gets lost in  a dark thicket and there is no escape! You  wake-up to realize you have been surrounded by the ill-tempered and they have zapped every once of your creative spark.


They circle like old hags exclaiming again and again “Watch  what you eat! You are wearing that!?  Is that a drink in your hand? Oh My! You are not reading THAT! Are you?”

You are left dredging around in the fog! You can almost see the creative light! Grasp it!  Touch it!

Until some old miser out of nowhere dims the light by exclaiming and rattling his cane  “Science is the only truth.  Liberal arts is nothing but misfits and degenerates. Nothing but misfits and degenerates! They know nothing!”

The fog gets thicker and you drudge on  feeling all of the creative energy being sucked from your body. Your mind is replaced with self-doubt as you ignore the light that once twinkled before you.  You go about your routine trying to forget about the unfinished story  waiting for you.

Somewhere in the distance  you hear a whisper as it calls you back like a long-lost lover “You need me. I need you. We love each other.”

You feel the warmth of the energy moving back into your body as you move forward  to the keyboard  and return to the story. You begin to work on  the next chapter which was lost in the fog surrounded by useless noise. You type on knowing your love affair will only last as long as you put the words to the page with a selfish silence unspoken between the two of you. It is through that silence you escape from the poison of the hags and the miser.

Congratulations! You have escaped the creative energy suck for one more day!

The Distant Rumblings of an Avalanche

After we put the kids to bed for the evening we opened a bottle of wine and sat by the crackling fire. It was there we discussed our summer plans and enjoyed the smoky warmth of the cabin. It was only  in the distance we could hear the  faint sound of snow running off the mountainside.


An hour later we heard a similar noise and this time the cabin began to shake for several minutes. We looked at each other, clutching our wine glasses,   in awe of the sheer force of the avalanche rumbling in the far distance.

It was one of those first warm springtime days which was the perfect condition for an avalanche in the area.  The sun had beat down its warmth  on top of the snowy peaks to grace us with its springtime beauty.

An avalanche is dangerous, its loud, and sometimes unpredictable. You never know which way the snow will run off the mountainside. Sometimes transitions in life are just as unpredictable but always for the better.

The sun has a quiet way of waking up the world and  it cues the changes of the season. Once the snow is shed from the mountain there is a welcoming beauty which is fervent for change.

What do you love about the arrival of spring?

A Year that Matters

I am going to be honest and reconcile that 2013 has not been the best year for me. I have been gritting my teeth, stalled in one place, and recognize that it is time to move forward on an unknown path. I have decided to move forward on this first day of spring as my New Year a renewal of who I am and who I will be in the future.

grassy lake

In Umair Haque’s short essay How to Have a Year that Matters he points that as we move forward we need to look beyond ourselves in order to live our life to the absolute fullest because our only enemy is time.

“Follow your passion, we’re often told. But how do you find your passion? Let me put it another way: what is it that breaks your heart about the world? It’s there that you begin to find what moves you. If you want to find your passion, surrender to your heartbreak. Your heartbreak points towards a truer north — and it’s the difficult journey towards it that is, in the truest sense, no mere passing idyllic infatuation, but enduring, tempestuous passion.”

It is that enduring passion which breaks your heart because nothing has ever been created without some fear of rejection. The thought of believing in something so big but the whole time it never believed in you. Was it ever really your true North?

As I turn a page in the next chapter and celebrate my new year by staring at the bleak outside and know that soon the snow will melt, the cold will vanish. The sun will rise, the tulips will bloom, and the world will shine, again. I will discover my North Star with trepidation and excitement. I will follow it and let it guide me through the roughest times.

As Haque points out:

“For the simple, timeless truth is: You’ll never find the rapture of accomplishment in mere conquest, the incandescence of happiness in mere possession, or the searing wholeness of meaning in mere desire. You can find them only — only — in the exploration of the fullness of human possibility.”

It is from this day I forward I am going to use my ability to make the choice to live my life to the fullest potential and possibility.  It will be full of laughter, happiness, pain, rejection, and heartache.   It’s time to starting have a year that matters!

How do you have a year that matters?

The Willpower Instinct

Kelly McGonial gives you the scientific reasoning as to why we act on our impulses and refrain from making positive choices in The Willpower Instinct.  It is an eye-opening account into the human mind as we struggle with the natural instinct of fight or flight and how it can hinder the basic choices we make in this world.

the will power instinct

She points out:

Our human nature includes both the self that wants immediate gratification, and the self with the higher purpose.  We are born to be tempted, and born to resist. It is just as human to feel stressed, scared, and out of control as it is to find the strength to be calm and charge of our choices.

One of the many tools she gives the reader is to help fine tune their  willpower by  walking away from the decision to eat the last cupcake or make the impulse purchase on a designer pair of shoes. It is necessary to reflect on how that small one choice will be of assistance to our future self. Will our future self be pleased to battle the muffin top? Or will they be happy with the designer purse in the closet instead of a healthy investment plan? It is by taking a moment to view yourself in the future it helps you say no to the things holding you back in the present.

She also recognizes that many of us are bound to fail in the choices we make because immediate gratification takes over in our lives. The key is to recognize your failure and be kind to yourself moving forward in attempt to reach your goals. It is by allowing yourself compassion and forgiveness that you are able to recognize your mistakes in order to forge ahead towards the future making wiser choices.

Kelly McGonial, demonstrates in ten stages how we can make self-control work in order to reach our goals whether it be to write the next chapter of the novel, to lose ten pounds, or to just stop procrastinating from that last household project. It is after reading The Will Power Instinct which will enable  you to evaluate how you make your decisions and how the impulse choices you make could be holding you back from success.

How do you achieve your life goals? Are you kind to yourself when you sometimes fail?

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We all wait for that special eureka moment! It occurs to us in the shower, on a solitary walk, or as we rest our head to the pillow when the lights begin to dim out. It comes at the most unusual times and when we least expect it!

  Eureka is that one moment when we jump for joy and are inspired to share our thoughts to the world!

If you could share one blog post that was your Eureka moment what would it be?

Home Rests within the Heart

I am a creature of habit and when I return home for a visit I fall back into the hum of a very old routine. It is the drive down the river for a fresh lobster roll and a stroll along the boardwalk. I like to listen to the sound of the wind and gaze at the blue heron in the distant horizon.

It’s the familiarity of the landscape and the comfort of being close to water that ignites a quiet inspiration.

As  I reflect back on this past summer with the thoughts of  pints with friends, the warmth of my family, and the acquaintances who greet you on the street with a warm hello.

They are all a reminder that one of the greatest gifts in this world is the ability to connect with a warm smile or a gregarious laugh.

So as the west wind keeps me in one spot my heart always quietly yearns for the east coast. But blogging has helped to soothe that loss with the connection of friends throughout the world.

It is something that I am grateful for and smile to you for making me feel so much closer to home.

What does the word “home” mean to you?

One Question

It was last October that I participated in a month of your questions! It was a fun way to keep my on blogging track!

So I am asking you for a favor to help me get my blogging groove back!

Can you leave me one question in the comment box? It can be anything that pops off the top of your mind!

I will use each of those questions as a writing prompt every Friday until the comment box runs empty. I will also link your question back to your blog and thank you profusely for inspiring me.

I look forward to being challenged with all of your brilliant questions!

Do you have one  question for me?