The Thirty Dollar Pie

As we drove to West Glacier National Park we happened to pass a small place called The Huckleberry Pie Patch which held the promise of really great pie!  After a day visiting MacDonald Lake, taking a stroll up the Avalanche trail, and admiring the water run off from the mountains.  My appetite was very large from all of the fresh mountain air and as we left the park I exclaimed “We just have to stop at that pie place! I never had huckleberry pie!”


My husband “Sure! It will be great for dessert!”

We  stopped in at the Patch to pick up the pie and never thought to question the price.

The clerk looked at us “Thirty dollars. Please.”

My husband of Scotsmen ancestry looked a little pale as he forked over the cash knowing he could not walk away from a good pie or face the wrath of his ravenous wife.

As we stepped out the door he looked at me with his empty wallet he grumbled ” This better be good pie.”

I smiled with beaming optimism! I knew I had found a gem “It feels pretty heavy and it smells good.”

We made it back to the camper and started cooking dinner for the evening.

The pie sat there looking at us waiting to be eaten.

I  poured a glass of wine and thought “What the heck?”

And cut a very large slice of Huckleberry pie before supper. It was good. Really good.

SO good that I had to have another slice after supper. The next morning for breakfast and an afternoon snack the following day.

It was after several days of huckleberry pie I came to the decision that you cannot really put a price on good pie! Thirty dollars be damned it was worth every penny!

What is the most you ever spent on a pastry? Was it worth it?

My Mom’s Baked Beans

As the snow gently falls outside it makes me crave those special foods that my Mom made when I was a kid. It was always after  an afternoon of snow fort building, sledding, and a little cross-country skiing that I would run into the house starved for supper. I knew the moment I opened the door and caught the smell of baked beans in the oven that I couldn’t wait one more minute to dine with my family.

It is this simple recipe that I now make for my kids! We enjoy it when the air is cold, the snow has fallen, and take comfort in its warmth. It is  the warmth my Mother once filled me with after time spent playing in a winter wonderland.

What is your favorite family recipe on a cold winter’s day?

The Happy Food Medium

I love food! Any kind of food! But the most tempting of all is junk food!



Now I’m trying be a new and improved healthier me! I have been visiting a lot of health bloggers to discover their tips and tricks for staying on the right track.



The key for me is to find balance with my diet and recognize that when I am having a bad day I should opt for the celery sticks instead of the ketchup chips.  I know I need to find my happy food medium!



Do you have a positive relationship with food? How do you stay on the healthy track?

The Haunted Hamburger

Jerome, Arizona, The “Mile High City” is the legendary place of haunted happenings and was once a thriving mining community.  It is now a historical site and residence boasting of population of fifty.  But I suspect they forgot to count all of the resident  ghosts in the area.

As we  drove through this small little town I wanted to  stop and visit the this abandoned hotel.  The adventurer in me knew I could find at least one ghost with a good tale to tell. But my husband and children were on to me and  exclaimed in unison, “NO!!!!”

But luckily for me! Melissa at This ‘N That advised m me to  check-out  the Haunted Hamburger! I knew with a restaurant like that I was be bound to meet at least one ghost or two!

The history of the Haunted  Hamburger begins with a thieving ghost who has a love for hammers and steals them in the middle of the night.  If a hammer is missing then the you can count on it being the jack of all trades thieving in the night.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any thieving ghosts! But our hamburgers on our plates vanished within seconds! All of that ghost hunting had made us famished and there is no better place to dine than the Haunted  Hamburger.

Do have a favorite dining establishment? Is it haunted?

It’s Spewing Leeks!

[Paprika Furstenburg of Good Humored dashes up her blog with a good dose of  wit! She has made me chuckle going where no woman has gone before in the bathroom. Also  a known fact all walks of life find her very attractive especially  mosquitoes and a wide variety of bugs. She asks "What is the most disastrous meal you have ever cooked?"]

A sleep deprived mother with a husband travelling on the road is a lot to muster with a two-year old and infant in the cold winter months. It was one evening I was excited to have him return home to our little love nest. As the two-year old napped and the littlest happily rocked in the swing. I attempted my husbands favorite Cream of Leek Soup with Parmesan Potato Dumplings.It was one my culinary masterpieces that I loved to create on a cold day. 

It was in the afternoon as my two-year old  napped I sleepily chopped the vegetables and boiled them to perfection. It just at the right moment as I was about to puree my creation my little darling awoke from his nap. I got him settled with his toys.  I  then went back into my zombie state thinking I should have had the nap instead of making the dreaded soup.

But what is a girl to do? It was time to puree the leeks! I went to place them in the blender, placing the top just so, pressing the button on high, and that is when all hell broke loose! The devil had possessed my blender!

The top exploded off the blender with gusto!  Chunks of leek  hit the ceiling, the stove, the curtains, covering me, and the children. The blender had taken on a force within itself and was shredding its wrath across my sparkling kitchen.

I felt utterly defeated against this possessed demon and did what any reasonable women would do…I pulled the plug, sat on the floor,  and wailed my little heart out. It was the tearful wail that takes over your whole soul and alerts  the dead to run from your tracks.  I was blinded with tears! I attempted to contain the  snot from running on the floor by wiping my nose with a shirt sleeve covered in leek guts.  The fight against the demon blender and willful leeks had taken the last of my energy!

It was at that moment my husband arrived home early from work to discover the leek massacres  of 2003.  It was to his horror to see one woman covered in gunk tears running down her face sobbing on the kitchen floor, one child running amok dragging the chunks with him as he went, and one little baby patiently waiting for someone to clean – up the mess.

The only thing  of comfort my husband could  say was “Honey, lets open some wine and order a pizza!”

What is one of your worst cooking disasters? Did you ever attempt to make it again?

The One with the Peanut on Top

[Tilly Bud The Laughing Housewife serves up a silver lining with her daily humor. Can you believe she schedules her posts three times a day?  I wish I had that dedication! She asks "If you were only allowed to write about one thing i.e. your blog had to have just one topic, what would it be?"]

I have an addiction to Peanut Butter I love it in the morning, love in the evening, and even in the afternoon. It compliments my beverage of choice whether it  be milk, coffee, tea, wine, or beer. It offers me comfort on a dark day. And happiness on a good one. It is the one thing in my cupboard that I can depend on when there is nothing to eat. Peanut butter in a word is my true love.

My addiction came about the time I was seven! It was around the same time the ad for Squirrel Peanut Butter invaded the TV waves with the slogan the one with the peanut on top.

Everytime my mother would bring home a new container of peanut butter I had to be the first to have the peanut on top!

Sometimes my oldest sister would torment me with the fact that she had to have the peanut  “It wasn’t fair that I got it all the time.”Looking back she was fourteen and I was seven – I think she could have forgone the peanut.

My mother to keep the peace and tired of teenage hormones would scold me to ask first before taking it with the unpleasant reminder that it was very rude not to share the peanut. I would then be sent to my room to think about my perilous mistake!

Of course, how could one peanut cause such a ruckus? I’ll never know…But I do know I take comfort in a peanut butter sandwich or cookie any day over a peanut!

If there was one food you had to blog about what would it be?