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A Tailor’s Curse

nothing worth doing

  I am going to share with you the bleak story of Tailor Brown who never had the time to write because he was always hemming pants.  I forgot to mention that he hated hemming pants. But day and night he took care of his family’s dreaded  business. It was […]

The Creative Energy Suck

It happens when you least expect it! Your mind  gets lost in  a dark thicket and there is no escape! You  wake-up to realize you have been surrounded by the ill-tempered and they have zapped every once of your creative spark. They circle like old hags exclaiming again and again […]

Resistance from Within

As I wait patiently for spring to arrive and renew my creative energy. I get stuck. I procrastinate. I hum and haw. I surf the web. I search for dust bunnies. The whole time I am restless and not doing anything that I love. I make a lot of excuses […]


We all wait for that special eureka moment! It occurs to us in the shower, on a solitary walk, or as we rest our head to the pillow when the lights begin to dim out. It comes at the most unusual times and when we least expect it!   Eureka […]


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