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The Joy of a Full Plate

the joy of a full plate

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday  I cooked and baked in the kitchen preparing my favorite meal of the year. I took delight in the smells of summer savory from the roasting turkey, the hint cinnamon coming from the cranberry sauce simmering over the oven, and the subtle scent of chocolate turtle […]

Whispering Dreams

dreams are whispering

Each morning I wake-up with the whisper in my ear to “Write.“ It is a silent whisper that only I can hear and compels me to keep following my dreams. I have been blessed to work from home and navigate my own hours around my family. It is not my […]

Enlivening the Creative Path

Aspire (2)

I have developed a love for everything Instragram and each day I have attempted to participate in the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Challenge. I was providing daily taxi service to my children while  lost in thought I exclaimed, “I forgot the letter E!” My son looked at me […]

The Five Minute Knotted Scarf

Knotted Wool Scarf

The month of September always puts me on a shoe string budget with the long list of school, sports, and whatever else fees.  I have to find creative and thrifty ways to update my fall wardrobe. It is over the years that I have discovered that scarves are the perfect […]

Cruising Down Blue Mountain

Blue Mountains

I am not sure what compelled me to sign my family up for the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour excursion on our vacation in Jamaica last winter. It might have been my love for coffee, the need to step off of the beach, or the sudden call for adventure. I suspect […]

Easie Peasie Clothespin Wreath

clothespin wreath

I have a very tight schedule but when that couple of hours opens up it gives me time to have a little crafting fun. I love  the easy no frills crafts that take very little time. One of my favorites I stumbled upon is the Pinterest inspired clothespins wreath. Next […]


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