We all wait for that special eureka moment! It occurs to us in the shower, on a solitary walk, or as we rest our head to the pillow when the lights begin to dim out. It comes at the most unusual times and when we least expect it!

  Eureka is that one moment when we jump for joy and are inspired to share our thoughts to the world!

If you could share one blog post that was your Eureka moment what would it be?


Spark it is the link that ignite the passionate creativity from your brain to your heart! It is that moment of inspiration which tingle through your fingers as you type away at the keys. It is the eureka moment when the light bulb comes on in your head! 

A spark can happen at any time and any place! It is the start of an idea, a dream, a labour of love.

How do you find your spark?

Is it waiting in the back corner of your brain when triggered by a beautiful sunset? Is it resting in your heart when that one song plays on the radio? Or does it transpire from the poignancy of a painting?

Inspiration rests from within us all and it is the creativity which is genuine! The need to create, share, and collaborate with others to see our projects come to fruition. It is at these times we are left to spiral out of control in our own creative energy.

How do you maintain that energy?

I know for some it is meditation, others daily routines, and some like me just flailing about in a chaotic mess. It is trudging out of the mess or routine that clarity can hit us!


The clarity to see our project through from beginning to end! The truth behind our words and actions! It is something that we can all do at one time and place!

The question is where do we begin? Where do you find your creative spark?