Run! Gingerbread Man! Run!


Do you devour your gingerbread man in one gulp? Or do you savor every bite?

Very Bad Dog

Do you have a very bad dog? Does it wait for the opportune time to strike your  kitchen trash can?

Love at First Bark: How Saving a Dog Can Somtimes Help You Save Yourself

Love at First Bark is delightful novel by Julie Klam in which she introduces you to the life of three different characters Morris, Clemmie, and Jarhead. The story of each of these dogs has away of melting your heart.  It is the tale of each dog which reminds us why we must advocate for the dogs who have lost their best friend. 

The story of  Morris pulled at my heart-strings as Julie relentlessly attempts to find a placement home for lovable pit bull left tied to a sidewalk post on a hot summers day. It is her  fear of abandoning this dog in need is something I can relate to having been in the same shoes with my own dog.

We discovered her wandering in the front of  our house, no tags, no collar, it was as if she came to us, and chose her home. We took her around the neighborhood no one had ever seen her before, went to the local vet to see if there was a chip and there was nothing.

In the end, I had to take her to the pound and my heart was torn into a million little pieces. It was without thought or  fear I put my name down to adopt her if  no one would claim her within the next 7 -10 days. It was a week later I got a phone call from the city animal shelter and Sadie has become a warm part of our family.

Julie Klam’s novel Love at First Bark woofs up a delightful read reminding us that sometimes we need to take the lead  advocating for the strays who have no voice.  A dog is truly a mans best friend they have the ability to connect us with others and keep us company on the coldest of days.

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Have you ever adopted a pet? Did it become a welcome addition to your home?

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

My Dog’s Life

This week  took a turn from organized to chaotic. So I have given over my blog to my dog Sadie to give you a brief perspective into her life. I beg to disagree with most of her points!

If you ever listened to the Beatles songs a Hard Days Night then you already know my life in the first two lines. However, there is no sleep for me and I do work like a dog. I feel as if most days  no one appreciates all of my hard work!

Did you know that I’m rustled out of bed at the crack of dawn?  Two little giants rumble in and jump on top of me with cuddles. Don’t they realize I need sleep! I’m up all night listening to the rabbits under the step and people passing on the side-walk. I even have to listen to snores and toots!  It’s enough for anyone to have a sleepless night.

The next thing you know, the morning chaos erupts, everyone is out the door, and I’m left stuck in my crate. My owner says, “It’s because I cannot be trusted.” It wasn’t my fault the front window blinds got pulled  down by my paws and the lovely white panels were calling me to chew them into tiny delicious pieces. I’m only a dog after all…

It’s when my Mom returns home lets me out of the crate she gives me the most daunting task in dogs history. I have to work on getting rid of a closet full of shoes. Her house needs some major de-cluttering. I have been very proactive in helping solve this situation. I have been known to courageously seize the opportunity!

It is when no one is looking I  grab a shoe,  hide under the bed, and chew it until I’m caught! If I’m lucky they don’t discover the chewed shoe for at least a day! But that’s one more pair of shoes that doesn’t take up space on the shoe rack! One giant leap for interior spaciousness!

But the worst part of my day is supper! I get something dry and gross while they all eat steak! How fair is that? I have to tolerate the whole meal in silence waiting for a morsel to fall on the floor. I feel like such a barbarian!

Did you know you know she is not even paying me in treats for writing this? She’s such a cheapskate!

Phew! All of this typing has made me tired!I think I could go for a nap….

What do you think of a dog’s life? Do I have it rough?