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Coming Soon 2013

Get ready to share your tips from A-Z  and I will see if your tip can fit my daily lifestyle! I will post daily at a A Blogger a Tip A Day to let you know how each tip has worked for me! Drop me a line at If […]

Sleeping Yoga

It was just this past weekend that I signed-up for a free trial membership with Yoga Glo and gave it a whirl on Sunday night.  I waited until the mice where slumbering and my husband had adjourned to the basement to embrace his lazy boy chair.  I set-up my yoga […]

NaBloPoMo Failure

I tried to be good, punctual, and post once a day! But I failed! I even did a post on surviving NaBloPoMo!  I got cocky!  I have many good reasons for failing the month of November’s NaBloPoMo and decided I share would share them with you. I think that about […]

Questions I Will Say No To

The joy of the long weekend is that it brings the whole family together. However, my husband opted to plan a play date  for my children and then left to run errands for the rest of day.  I have now become the voice of “No” to my children as the […]


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