Sleeping Yoga

It was just this past weekend that I signed-up for a free trial membership with Yoga Glo and gave it a whirl on Sunday night.  I waited until the mice where slumbering and my husband had adjourned to the basement to embrace his lazy boy chair.  I set-up my yoga matt, flipped on the fireplace,  and then selected the best yoga option which seemed suitable for me.

As I moved into the poses I began to relax and by the time I had moved to the floor poses I began to feel very sleepy. It was in the middle of a body twist in which I let out a very loud yawn and decided to move into goddess pose for just one moment.

An hour later my husband reappeared from his man cave, “Honey?”

He gave me another shake “Honey!?”

“I’m sleeping. Leave me alone.”

“Honey? I thought you were doing yoga?”


I sat-up dazed, confused, and covered in drool.

“I must have fallen asleep in the middle of it. Can you help me up?”

And it is with that I found the miracle cure for insomnia ” Yin Tension” Yoga just before bed. But a word of warning you might just want to do it in bed. It will save you a very long sleepy crawl to your bedroom after your workout.

Have you ever fallen asleep while you were in the middle of an activity?

Run! Gingerbread Man! Run!


Do you devour your gingerbread man in one gulp? Or do you savor every bite?

NaBloPoMo Failure

I tried to be good, punctual, and post once a day! But I failed! I even did a post on surviving NaBloPoMo!  I got cocky!  I have many good reasons for failing the month of November’s NaBloPoMo and decided I share would share them with you.

I think that about sums it up! I might try it again in January when I am feeling invigorated by the New Year and ready to take on anything for about a week!

Have you ever completed a NaBloPoMo challenge? Or did your dog eat your notepad?

A Glimpse of the Cosmos in Musical Heaven

It was last night I got to live my dream of seeing Leonard Cohen for the first time in my life. My heart raced when he took to the stage and a small tear trickled down my face as he began with Dance Me to the End of Love. It was at that moment I knew I had discovered musical heaven for one glorious night.

I have always been cynical of the rock shows were the girl is sobbing or  others are screaming into fits of hysteria as their favorite boy band takes the stage.

As Leonard Cohen was in the  middle of  singing Who by Fire something stirred within me a combination of happiness, excitement, and the realization that I was finally at a Leonard Cohen concert.

I felt it building! I tried to stop it! I placed my hand over my mouth and out came  a loud, horrible, uncontrollable sobbing!

My husband looked on in horror, the woman sitting next to me looked concerned, and the man in front of me turned to see what made that ungodly noise.

It was me!

I was horrified that I couldn’t control this wave of emotion that shook through my whole body. I was that sobbing woman!

Leonard Cohen has been with me through every heartache, bad day, and sings to me when I need that special push of inspiration. Something awoke within me that I was on the floor only thirty-four seats from the one mans voice that has been a constant in my life.

He has always had a way of stirring my soul and last night I was in the church of Leonard Cohen. It was beautiful, amazing, transcendent, and glorious!  It was the best night of my life as I was lifted to musical heaven and caught a glimpse of the cosmos.

Is there a musician or musical band that you have dreamed of seeing in your lifetime?

Leonard Cohen and Me

Do you have a musical true love?

Questions I Will Say Yes To

I suspect I may have come off harsh in my last Post and may have sounded like Mrs. No! But I want everyone to know that I am prone to saying yes too! It is the simple act of saying Yes that can bring joy or sadness to my children depending on their question of the moment.

So I have compiled my simple list of Yes Questions to prove that I don’t always say No!

Do you ever seize the opportunity and say Yes?

Questions I Will Say No To

The joy of the long weekend is that it brings the whole family together. However, my husband opted to plan a play date  for my children and then left to run errands for the rest of day.  I have now become the voice of “No” to my children as the day has slowly lingered on and I attempt to tackle my to-do list.

The one thing that has irked me the most is my children insist on asking the same questions that they already know the answer to…

So as a  gentle reminder to my little family  I will be placing this notice on the fridge to spare them they agony of hope and me the pain of sounding like a broken record.

Do you ever get tired of sounding like a broken record?

Very Bad Dog

Do you have a very bad dog? Does it wait for the opportune time to strike your  kitchen trash can?

My Doomsday Prepper Score

I have a fascination with Doomsday scenarios! I love conspiracy theories and last year discovered Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic channel.  It is a show that has taught-me the importance of stockpiling food, building a bug-out shelter, and developing my own private museum of weapons.

It was inevitable that when National Geographic appeared in my inbox this afternoon with the preview of  Season  2 Doomsday Preppers that I had to visit the web site. I discovered the Doomsday Prepper Quiz!

I confess I failed  miserably with 19/100 the only saving grace was that I am a weekend camper.  It estimated that I would only survive 1-2 weeks before meeting my inevitable demise!
The only tip it gave me:

Weapons are an excellent equalizer against threats to your security. One gun is a start, but two guns with a thousand rounds for each person is ideal. Standardizing your weapons to all use a basic ammo type (like .22 Caliber) simplifies ammo storage and reloading.

I guess it assumed that I would need security but it failed to realize the biggest threat to me is my clumsiness. I can see my demise by shooting myself in the foot and then suffering through some horrible infection which included gangrene. So when the time comes I just hope one of my friends has been secretly stockpiling food and will share their bug-out shelter with me.

Have you ever watched Doomsday Preppers? And do you have a bug-out shelter?